nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Feels like I'm always at work...

March 12, 2007 11:09 AM

I was at work yesterday (Sunday) from 11:30am to 7:30pm stringing cables for two more security cameras. Up and down on the ladder all day, dragging two 500 foot lengths of fairly heavy video cable, drilling holes and mounting cameras, etc. I was pretty sore when I got up this morning.

The DST thing went ok for me. I had only a couple machines at home that didn’t update and they weren’t anything I would be worried about the time on. At work I had a couple of systems I had to change the time on but those are no big deal either.

Had one of the accounting machines wake up with a dead drive this morning. It figures because we have some auditors in today. Thankfully I had a spare system that I could quickly set him up on and at least get him access to his basic services and get working so that worked out at least. That means I’ve got time to re-load the one system with a new drive in it and get the other one replaced. If the system is no longer in warranty then I’ll just order myself a replacement hard drive for the one external box and be done with it. That way I’m not down one drive in case this stuff happens again.

I really just want to go home and go to sleep but I can’t do that. I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do at home anyway. I think I’ll try and take tomorrow off instead of Wednesday so that I can get things out for the trash pickup. There’s a fair amount of stuff I need to box up for E-Bay as well. I need to box them up and weigh them so that I can give accurate shipping estimates as some of the stuff is old test equipment that is pretty damn heavy. Hopefully the stuff will sell well enough that I can use the money to buy some of the other things on my E-Bay watch list.

Been reading a lot of stuff on some of the Steampunk forums. There’s some really cool stuff there! Everything from Victorian style clocks to “gaslamp fantasy” things. As usual I have no time or resources yet to do any of that stuff but I’ve got tons of ideas.

I suppose some of those odd ideas cross with some of the stuff in my head about what I could do to make a replacement arm. For some reason I’ve had a recent (past couple of years) occupation about what I’d do if I lost a limb in an accident. I don’t know why but the one that keeps coming up in my mind is what I’d do if I lost an arm. And the truth is as long as I had access to the technology I could make myself something that would work far better than those out there now. Personally I think they’re not paying enough attention to function AND form at the same time. A person is not going to be comfortable with a replacement limb until it is at least aesthetically pleasing AND functional. I’m betting that given the opportunity I could make a limb that is computer controlled and looks damn cool.

The thing that gets me is that toy companies have been making small, lightweight, and intricate things like this for years. Why can’t the medical community? It’s almost like the medical community is so stuck on making things that cost thousands of dollars that they’ve forgotten the goal is to improve the life of the patient.

On that note I need to order me some “memory” wire. I think if I can get several bundles working at once it will work just like a proper muscle. The problem is the stuff is so damn expensive that old-style solenoids are still much more prevalent. Maybe with China producing a buttload of stuff I can find a cheaper source.
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