nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Wobble, wobble, wobble...

March 15, 2007 10:57 AM

Well, I got some stuff done yesterday but not nearly as much as I wanted to because I went back to sleep.

Managed at least to walk the yard and clean up any trash I could find that blew into the yard. I didn’t clean up any sticks but I think I’ll do that next Wednesday.

There’s an awful lot of stuff on my plate right now. I can handle it all but it’s damn frustrating at times. Oh well at least I managed to get some riding done on the bike yesterday before the temperature dropped.

Never seem to have enough money for the things I want to do. And worse yet I seem to keep having less money over time rather than more. Hopefully this is just due to the temporary phenomenon of paying off certain bills. I only have one big one of those left and it will likely get paid next week if I can manage it. Then I get to go through all the smaller bills and see how many of those are still active. Whee! </sarcasm>

So far so good with the remaining machines on my network. I didn’t get any replacement systems loaded yesterday but that’s not too surprising. I need to get cracking on those as I want to get all the stuff I had working before up and running. I suppose I should analyze the downed machines to find out where someone got into them. That will take extra time but fortunately I can do that by taking the drives out and putting them in external boxes while I use new drives to load the machines back up. That way I can connect the old drives to my laptop and do the analysis there. I may send them to Monkey if he gives me a good price on doing the analysis.

I want to get all my IPs in use. I’m paying for 5 and only using two. That means that I could be paying for a lot cheaper service but I don’t want to go that route. I want some of my domains completely and physically set apart from each other.

So much stuff to do.

Need to finish the one turn-signal auto-cancel circuit but I’m stuck in one area and I don’t have a prototyping space set up yet. Perhaps in another month or so.

The tax refund was supposedly over $1000 but we’ll just have to wait and see what it comes in at. Like I’ve said previously I expect this to be the last year that we get an actual refund. With my wife generating childcare income later this year we’ll likely have to pay every year from that point on due to the 30% chunk that needs to be paid on that income. Part of me is furious that it’s so much but part of me doesn’t mind because it means that we aren’t lending our money to the government for a year. And now that we’re prepared for it up front it should be easy to properly report that money on our taxes next year as well as allow others to report the income as “childcare expenses”.

Still stopped on the music front and the deadline for the one set of songs for the one convention is only a month away. I’ve got to get moving on that stuff. It’s important to me to do that because it’s an area that I’ve always wanted to improve and expand on but have not been able to take advantage of until lately. I don’t want the opportunity to get away from me! :-)

Been thinking a lot about faith. My faith has been strong but perhaps I’ve paid less attention to the trappings of my faith than I should have. I need to get back into my meditations but I never seem to be able to devote the time and space to it. I need an altar and a space to cast circle but that also is unlikely to be forthcoming without a lot of work. :-(

Also been thinking a lot about the fact that property is much cheaper the further out you go. At our current rate I could likely buy an acre of property that is out of the way somewhere and build something on it as time permits. And likely I could find some way to claim it on my taxes if it came to that. My mother is paying $39,500 for four acres with a two bedroom house on it. That means it’s quite likely that I’ll be able to find a small plot of land for about $10k with nothing built on it and then buy something to put up that won’t cost a fortune - like a yurt. ;-) When you get right down to it an acre is not a lot of land but if it’s got the right things on it, a deep well, good drainage, septic, etc. you can feed a family there and live life without a lot of interference.

I could easily see myself buying an acre and putting up a steel pole barn with solar on top of it as a start then building a house/yurt nearby. That would be a good place to start... :-)
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