nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

It's Monday again...

March 19, 2007 11:09 AM

A few little failures this morning. One machine down while I scan it for virus infections. Lots of little annoyances.

I know I’ve been doing this too long. I was able to set up a printer on the guest laptop from China with the entire system in Chinese characters. Got it set up and it works fine.

Been reading up on Stirling engines and I think I can make a simple one out of plumbing parts that will sit in the space between the inside and outside of a window and run from the temperature differential of the inside/outside temperatures. I think I’ll try and test the idea this summer. It will be an interesting design challenge.

I wish I could afford the cool looking Victorian one but that’s $350+ and is made of brass. I can’t afford to spend that much on something that is initially just a curiosity. Though it occurs to me that there is a hell of a temperature differential between the inside and outside of the shed I have and that would easily run a simple stirling engine. And best of all it would be out of the way of the house. I’m betting that I could even get it to run a small generator and charge a battery to supplement solar power. This I _will_ have to try. Adding a fresnel lense to the mix would certainly increase the capacity of the engine quite a bit. In fact adding a fresnel lense and a small dish that is focused on the hot side of the piston assembly would be even better. (There is a ton of info on all these too.)

But then I have to clean out that shed anyway. I’ve got too much stuff in there. I really really really need to get moving on selling a bunch of that stuff on E-Bay. The old test equipment alone should fetch something. Unfortunately I have to keep listing it until it’s sold and that could cost me some money in the short term.

Cut the first piece of aluminum stock for the side covers on my bike. A very rough cut that is. I need to buy a ben grinder to get the surfaces cleaned up before I start the milling process. I’m kind of ashamed of the cuts as they look like they were done by a complete novice with the bandsaw and I know I can do much much better than that. Hopefully the second one won’t look so bad. I’m going to try and cut that this coming weekend.

Also going to clean up some of the stuff in the garage this weekend. Maybe I can empty the one set of racking and re-fill it with the stuff behind it. We’ll have to wait and see what I can get done there. Our housemate won’t like it but I’ll have to move the lawn tractor out of the way to get that done. Don’t care. It needs to happen.

I’m going to try and set myself a goal of being slightly less nice to people that piss me off. I shouldn’t have to stand for that all the time...
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