nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Dream - 10_07_04


A couple takes a vacation to another planet.

During the process they get shuffled off as cargo instead of passengers. Or at least somewhat as they still are given food and television.

They are kept in a small box for a long time, it has walls like the outside of those instrument shipping containers you see with amps and stuff, but eventually they learn to like the small box. They make a life there on a planet with nothing but a red sun and desert.

Then one day they are taken from the box and frozen despite their pleas that they will not survive the freezing. She is frozen first and dies. The machines decide not to freeze him and he escapes but not before he watches his wife being dumped into a waste recycler.

He eventually becomes an old man avoiding the machines in the bowels of the factory and leads others that arrive there to safety.
Tags: dreams
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