nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

The Monday Blahs....

March 26, 2007 11:07 AM

I really don’t want to be at work today. It’s DAMN nice outside.

Had a chance to ride the bike to work today if I’d thought about it but my wife didn’t remind me and I didn’t think about it myself this morning. Today would have been a good day to ride to work too. :-(

Managed to sit down with my wife yesterday and get our daughter’s IEP done. We’re both satisfied with what we’ve written up I just hope the one organization is ok with it. If they start randomly changing things on my now I’m liable to blow a gasket.

One of my big issues with people involved in the special education industry is that I see them “give up” on teaching someone after they reach a certain age. To me that’s just plain criminal.

Let’s look at my original premise - “For most of them a person with autism has a shallower intelligence curve than most people but a higher peak.” (They learn slower but can learn more and do more with their minds.)

If that’s true then those that give up on autistic people after they reach a certain age are depriving not only those people but the world of what could be some of the brightest minds on the planet. Why would you do that?

I know it’s painfully slow to teach people like this but the end result can be spectacular!

Take me for instance. I was labeled as slow during my formative years and my mother fought to keep the term “mentally retarded” out of my files. And in those days that was a good thing because I didn’t get pigeonholed into some small group where there was no hope of learning or progressing.

And truth be told I was slow. Very slow up until about my 20th year when things in my mind started to come together and “turn on” so to speak.

Tested a few years ago my IQ came out greater than 150. I’ve been a professional in the computer business since late 1989 and quite successful at it. I have a wonderful daughter and a beautiful wife. I’m finally making some financial progress and each day I grow more and more in both mental capacity and creativity.

Now what would have happened if a lot of people had given up on me?

This is why when my wife occasionally tells me “Y’know honey she (our daughter) might never be able to do $foo...” I vehemently disagree with her. My daughter has an amazing mind it’s just trapped inside the noise at the moment and not ready to deal with the pain and confusion of breaking through that noise on a regular basis. She’ll get better at it and it’ll get easier for her. I see progress every week even if my wife doesn’t.

Once my daughter conquers the main portion of her language barrier I can help accelerate the process but until then I have to deal with some rote training to keep her save and push her in the right direction.

In the meantime I have to fix the broken portions of myself - like my math. I realized today that not being able to do math in my head is one of the things I hate the most about myself. There are other things but that one in particular is on the top of my list of stumbling blocks. It makes me feel so helpless every time I come across it. I’ve got to work more on it but setting aside those blocks of time is another hard thing.

On a different track I think I would like to be an earthbender if I was in the Avatar universe. Earthbending or waterbending would be my choices. I’m not calm enough inside for firebending or free enough inside for airbending.

It’s funny. I once read a bad fantasy story where a woman in a crisis stood on a map of the world and firmly, and with all her will, put her high-heel down onto a portion of the map and disrupted the earth in great jagged spikes by doing so. When I get truly frustrated I kind of feel like that and that image has stuck with me so much that in times of frustration I will stamp my right heel just in the vain hope that I can just shatter the earth around me and throw some chaos into the laps of who/what is bothering me to make them go away.

If that’s not the feeling of earthbending I don’t know what is. ;-)
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