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Not sure which direction to jump...

April 1, 2007 6:48 PM

Through no fault of our own we may have to move again. Not sure yet - we’ve got to wait a couple weeks on more data. I hate moving but this one might be a blessing in disguise as it might allow us to buy our own place.

I’d prefer to be better prepared but a lot of times life doesn’t give you that option.

Anyway we’ve got about $3500 in the bank and that will at least give us security+1st month on an apartment if we need to move quickly. We’ll have to put a bunch of stuff in storage but such is life.

I think I may reduce the functionality of the firewall I’ve been working on for the house. I’d like to get it working so OpenBSD+pf+altq+nat works properly routing the 4 static external IP through the single external interface to 4 internal interfaces with different subnets. I think I’ll try it once more because I noticed that it took some actual time for the transparent bridge+pf+altq system I set up at work to start routing packets.

Anyway if I can’t make it work I’ll just route the separate IPs into the webservers via standard nat rdr configurations and use virtual hosting on Apache2 to make it work right.

The other way is just so much better because it gives physical separation between my internal networks. Just one more layer of security.

Bought the old Murray 12hp lawn tractor off our housemate and I’m actually happy I did. Now I’ve got a mower that I can learn on and just mow with and not have to worry about screwing up. I can make my own mistakes with it and do what I want with it and I only have myself to blame.

Besides, I’ve always wanted a rider of my own. Pretty silly but I remember taking rides with my uncle while he mowed my grandmother’s 10 acres. I had that particular lawn mower too but I let it slip through my fingers so to speak. (It was sitting at a friend’s house and they had to move and I never picked it up. My fault entirely.) It was a 1964 Singer - yes, like the sewing machine. It was damn cool and damn tough. It was still running strong despite all it had been through and quite honestly I really screwed up by losing it.

I haven’t tested my blood sugar for three days now. I’ve had so much on my mind that I haven’t eaten right nor even paid attention to my health other than not feeling like shit. *sigh* I don’t want to see the number tomorrow but I have to get back on the wagon if I want this all to work out. Suck.

At least the weather is getting good enough for me to get more exercise outside.
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