nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

The funnel seems to work well enough...

April 4, 2007 11:14 AM

I’ve had no complaints since I installed the transparent bridge on the network at work. It’s shaping traffic nicely and is responding well. I’m pretty happy about it and as soon as I add the management network card to it I’ll be able to change the bandwidth shaping on the fly from my desk. Pretty damn cool if you ask me.

My mother has decided to purchase a trailer rather than a regular house. She couldn’t get a loan for the one she wanted but the trailer is considerably less and the monthly expenses can be handled with very little money. This allows her to go back to school which is something she’s always wanted to do. Like me she is tired of doing the same thing she’s been doing for *mumble* *mumble* years and wants to go on to different things. I wish her the best of fortunes doing so.

It’s lightly dropping flurries around here today. That sucks beyond measure because I was going to put the deck back on my mower and mow the lawn this weekend. If it snows I likely won’t take the plow off the front like I’d planned. (I did manage to sharpen the blades last night though.)

Once again circumstances lead me to think that I will move somewhere warm when I retire. I’d really really like to move to someplace like a tropical island or something but that’s likely out of the question. My wife says she doesn’t like those places but as far as I can tell she’s never been to them. I treat that kind of how I treat her dislike of motorcycles - she’s never ridden one but she hates them. I can’t accept that. When she’s ridden around on one a few times and says she doesn’t like it then I’ll buy that but not before. Especially since her mother hates them. And my wife is big on emulating her mother. (If she’s reading this Bon-Bon Woman is NOT a superhero!)

Anyway I’ve started digging into stuff to get rid of things. I need to start collecting the proper boxes to ship stuff on E-Bay and I need to buy a freight scale because using a standard scale is a pain. One of the metal ones with the dial on the side will be fine and don’t cost too much.

I need to start attacking the stuff in the garage this week. That means I’ll have to move the lawn tractor over to the other side so I can get to things. Not a big deal. I can put it outside for a short period of time under a tarp but I don’t want to make a habit of that as it’s not good for the mower.

As someone pointed out the shed is quite packed full of stuff too that needs to go. I’m not going to get rid of near what some people think I should get rid of but I will likely clear quite a bit of it out of there. There’s at least one good scanner in there that can go away as well as several computer parts I’m not going to use any more. I think I may just put the dresser out with a free sign as it takes up a lot of space in there and I’m not really using it for anything. The drink fridge however will go into the garage once there’s space to put it there. I’ll have to make sure it’s on a switchable circuit until we get the GFI breaker replaced but that’s easy enough to do. Then there’s the Heathkit tube amps that I need to list on E-Bay as well as the two sets of outside speakers that I’m likely never going to use. I may even sell my rusty Space 1999 lunchbox with thermos. I’ve got quite a bit of stuff to sell, the problem is getting it all photographed, boxed, weighed, listed, and shipped. This is providing it sells. If it doesn’t sell then I guess it’ll go to Goodwill or some other person that wants it. I can’t afford to accumulate this stuff right now. Maybe when we finally buy our own house and I can set up enough space to collect these things again...
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