nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

I hate jerks...

April 5, 2007 11:11 AM

Some ass has been using my wireless when I’m not home so now I have to go and re-do it when I get home from work today.

I changed the name of the network, secured it with WEP 128 (only because I have older devices that don’t support WPA) and filtered the connections by MAC address and the idiot still was able to use my connection.

This is most likely the goob who compromised my other machines as they were pretty secure from outside. I figure that I’ll set up WPA when I get home and connect my wife’s computer and my daughter’s computer to it and my iMac then load up a new mail server from scratch just in case. I’m almost done with the new firewall so that will likely get put in this weekend.

I just got the shipping confirmation for the replacement board for my ipod. I paid two days ago and they are just now shipping it. Fracking slow service if you ask me. And worst of all it’s coming from California so it’ll take about a week to get to me which means that I won’t have an iPod until next week some time if I’m lucky. :-(

I hate having to do all this extra work because it takes time away from other things I could be doing - like getting all that E-Bay stuff sorted out. And the fact that the person went through the extra effort to fracking mess with my connection after I’d secured it tells me that he/she’s an ass. I do my damnedest to leave other people’s crap alone and then people like this come along and dick with stuff just to be a pain or to avoid paying for his own crap. I can see if someone didn’t secure their stuff. That’s still not right but at least there you can make the argument that the person might have wanted to share their connectivity. If the SSID is “notyournetwork” then you’d think that the person in question would get the hint. Of course our housemate brought up the point that such a person might take that as a challenge to “pwn” the network so to speak. *sigh* The world gets more annoying by the day. Is that a sign that I’m getting old?

I’m really irritated right now so I really want to order pie with lunch but I’m not going to. Trying to get back on the bandwagon with my blood sugar stuff. Like I said before - summer’s right around the corner and I have plenty to do that will give me enough exercise to lose weight. Besides exercise itself that is.

Hopefully I’ll still have time in all this to work on cleaning out the stuff in the garage. There’s a lot of stuff in there that can go in the shed while the stuff in the shed comes out and gets sold on E-Bay. I don’t particularly want to but I might have to get rid of all the 80’s BYTE magazines I have. The ones that are my father’s I’ll hold on to but I have a whole stack of them that were from a local library and have the covers marked out with a large red “X” in permanent marker. Makes them worthless for collectors so I’ll likely just toss them.

I think I’m going to pay for an actual tool box this weekend. That will allow me to get rid of the metal dresser or re-use it for other things. I think I’m going to get rid of the metal dresser in the closet in my office too. I can make better use of the space in there. Likely I’ll put the temporary wire-rack shelves that they make for closets in there. This is of course provided we don’t have to move right away. :-(

Looked around at places like houses and apartments for rent. It’s almost worth it to rent a house rather than an apartment due to the cost. A 3 br apartment is about $1200/month while a 3br house is $1400/month. Not happy about those figures but they are within our budget. We’d have to reduce utilities and spending to a minimum but I think we’re getting better at that. Of course the other choice is to rent a 2br that is cheap, put all our stuff in storage, and save a ton of money until we can buy our own place. We could find a 2br for about $800+utilities/month. That’s well within our current budget and would allow us to save money like mad. Of course I’m not sure what I’d do about certain utilities then like DirectTV and our DSL. Ideally I’d like us to be able to live where we are for a little longer - another year or two - and then we should have more than enough to put down on a house of our own. That’s not likely to happen though for a lot of reasons...
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