nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Blargh...but then again maybe not...

April 6, 2007 11:12 AM

Fighting with the Fonera router I have that has dd-wrt loaded on it. The damn thing won’t do WPA properly. I can connect but it won’t give out an IP nor will it route a static in the same range. :-(

Still waiting on news if we’re going to have to move or not. If we have to I can get the money to rent some place from the credit union account so unless we bizarrely fail a credit check somehow we can get ourselves into someplace without too much trouble. Though likely the place will be much smaller than we really need.

On that note I’ve started bringing boxes home from work for packing up stuff to ship places. I’ve got stuff to ship to my friend in Florida, stuff to put up on E-Bay then ship if it sells, and stuff to ship elsewhere. I’ll maybe try and go through the garage today and tomorrow and see what I can just toss out first. I know that there’s going to be a swap between the garage and the shed for some things.

Holy Crap! I just got an e-mail about rescuing a CM-5 supercomputer. The response was from a query I made over a year ago. I hope I can pull this one off! I’ve got friends that would love to get one of these up and running. And honestly I’d love to see the damn thing. I just don’t have the means/funds to transport the system myself. Time to start calling in the geek troops! ^_^ (And I’m not talking about the Geek Squad either.)

It’s annoyingly chilly here today. I know that it’s the right temperature for this time of year but after the last few warm years it’s a little bothersome. I’m actually chilly right now while sitting in the restaurant.

I’m also pretty tired. I really didn’t want to come into work today and my wife has the day off. I should have taken the day as a vacation day. Hopefully I can sleep in a little tomorrow but as my daughter tends to jump on the bed a lot that is unlikely.

But then getting up early and getting to work on the house and the garage is highly desirable anyway. If I can clean out enough space in the garage then I have space to work on things like wood and metal and other things. Things I need to work with my hands and my heart and my head. I know I can produce some beautiful stuff if I have the time and materials to do so...
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