nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Once more into the work week...

April 9, 2007 11:13 AM

I’m tired today but it’s my own fault. After watching The Man In The White Suit yesterday I stayed up until 1am finishing the latest Harry Dresden novel - “White Night”. (I highly recommend both media items - one is classic Alec Guinness and the other is a good set of books which the TV show only partially shows the very complete world of.) If you haven’t seen The Man In The White Suit it should be on your to-see list just as “1984” should be on your to-read list.

Watching The Man In The White Suit made me a little sad and depressed actually. It made me realize that nothing has changed between now and then in how the “captains of industry” operate. They still suppress things, they still want to make money, they still will try and crush anyone altruistic enough to oppose them.

So what’s to become of the dreamers? What do they do when they have ideas that they don’t want to be used the wrong way? Where do they go?

I’d love to have a large amount of wide-open land somewhere to set up a bunch of different buildings with power and water and septic/sewage that artisans and inventors and such could just go there and work on their ideas without someone owning them. I guess I’m one of those altruistic dreamers. ;-)

I managed to finish a couple of other books this holiday weekend. I finished both “Eragon” and “Eldest”. An interesting series there. I’m waiting for the next book.

Another thing I’m waiting is word on if our family will need to move suddenly. I’m not worried about it really - if we have to then we have to - but I’d rather have as much forewarning as I can get under the circumstances.

Due to the Easter holiday and the fact that it was annoyingly cold I didn’t get anything cleaned out in the shed or the garage this weekend. I really need to get to work on that this week. Unfortunately I drove through snow flurries today on the way to work - not conducive to outdoor moving and cleaning. Regardless I need to make the effort. I need to remove more of the clutter from my life. I’m not going to be a “minimalist” like our housemate is - I refuse to do that - but I do need to trim down the amount of stuff I have.

And even if we do have to move as long as we’re on good terms with our landlord/landlady I should be able to leave the shed and my boat there until I can find a place to put them. That means I need to concentrate on what’s in the garage and trim that down to what I can move quickly and what I need to be able to get to quickly. Likely anything behind the metro-racking will have to go so I can put the that racking up against the wall and have enough space to put the non-functional bike in front of it. Either that or park the lawn tractor in front of those shelves and then put my working bike next to it. That will leave the non-functional bike in a place where I can start taking it apart and rebuilding it and still have space to work on other things.

I will likely buy our housemate’s tool cart that he used when he was a mechanic and put some of my regular hand tools in it then buy a real toolbox to replace the steel dresser I’m currently using. That will give me an organized set of tools so I can find things easily and get more stuff done. I’ll likely buy a rolling one with an overhead cabinet. That will probably cost me quite a bit but I should be able to keep that for a number of years and get my money out of it.

I’ve pretty much halted my E-Bay spending and emptied my E-Bay “watch” list so that I’m not tempted to spend money on there right now. The longer I don’t do that the more money accumulates in the standard checking account. If I wait long enough I’ll be able to buy my toolbox and other things outright and not have to worry about taking money out of the credit union account. Savings....what a novel concept! ;-)
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