nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,


April 10, 2007 11:15 AM

Finally getting back to my services at home and restoring them after having a problem with a couple of systems and having to take them out of service.

I’m going to finish setting up the machine here this week - provided I can find the fans I ordered for the Cobalt systems. I suppose I could take the fan out of the other unit until new ones come in. In fact that’s a damn good idea. It’ll allow me to get the one system up and running almost immediately. I have yet to configure the wiki on it but that’s not all that hard.

I’ve got a lot of system work to do at home. Hopefully I won’t have to pack it all up and move it immediately. If that’s the case then I’ll likely halt all progress on anything and concentrate on the move. I do know one thing - the entire rack has to fit where we move and it has to be up and running almost immediately. If that means a crappy cable connection with one static IP then so be it. But I find that I no longer can live without running my own services.

It’s supposedly going to snow here tonight and then be cold and snowy the rest of the week. That sucks because I have a lot of things that need to get done outside. I need to really get working on cleaning out all that stuff in the garage and switching what’s left with the stuff in the shed that’s going to be put on E-Bay. Unfortunately that requires that everything not be covered in SNOW! B-(

I am soooo ready for summer.

The co-worker who was in the car accident stopped by today. He’s looking pretty good except for the large traction mechanism on his leg. I told him earlier that it “needs more steam” - as in steampunk. ^_^

Still infatuated with my camera. I’m probably going to take more pictures this weekend if it doesn’t suck out. Even if it does I’ll see how it does with snow pictures. Turns out it’s the same exact camera that my general manager uses while on vacations and such. Well almost the same anyway - his is an A60 while mine is an A70. Regardless it’s a great camera for non-professional photos. Canon makes some great cameras. For professional photos we have an older Rebel XT in the office that takes some fantastic shots!

Having trouble getting back on the wagon with my blood sugar. Part of it is having a clean place to cook my food at home. I’m less likely to cook if I have to clean before I do so. I’m taking a vacation day tomorrow so I’m going to try and get stuff cleaned up and put away so I can get back on track. I need to do this to lose weight. I’ve been eating fast food again and I need to stop that! :-(

It’s damn hard sometimes though...
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