nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Dream - 7_17_05

I spent last night recovering a part of my super armor.

For whatever reason somebody forced me into retirement as a super-hero and I scattered my suit among junkyards throughout the world.

Someone threatened my family so I needed the armor back.

I spent most of the night running and sneaking through a large but partially vacant college that was backed up to the junkyard. It was almost as if the junkyard was on top of a mesa in the city and the school backed up to the cliff wall because I had to climb up through the school - through abandoned parts of it and eventually came out in an enormous mechanic's bay for the junkyard - something able to maintain things the size of warships. The minute I tried to sneak through there I was chased by a dog-like thing that became something akin to the Rancor from Star Wars only a hell of a lot faster.

I managed to get to the the main "sea of junk" and the part glowed red in response to my presence. I called to it and it flew to my right arm and attached itself. I recovered my shields and flight and flew away.

That's about the time I woke up.
Tags: dreams
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