nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

And the universe throws me a fastball!

April 17, 2007 11:27 AM

Well in case I didn’t mention it in earlier posts I’m trying to rescue a particular supercomputer from a government facility to keep it from being scrapped for the precious metals or something like that. (I can’t say much more because a fair amount of government stuff is involved and I don’t want to jinx anything.)

So I don’t hear anything for a year from them and then the guy e-mails me last month with more information on the system and when it’s likely to be released. After fishing through a number of different sources I talked to the guy in charge of the whole deal and it might be released as early as the end of this month.


That pushes my timetable to the limit because I was of course not ready to move so quick on this. I figure that I can get a group of people together once I have further information on when it will be released. I’ve also contacted The Smithsonian due to the rareness of the machine in question to see if they are interested and can possibly provide some help with moving and transporting the system. If they want it for the collection - it’s serial #1 of it’s particular model - then I’ll be happy to step out of the way and let them take the lead.

I just don’t want to see something like this go to the scrappers. I really really hate to see those things. It may not look like it but these things are our heritage. They are things from a time that will never come again. They are the steam engines of our age and to treat them with so little respect betrays the depths of consumerisms to which this society has sunk. I will not have it if I can prevent it. We are far too disrespecting of the past and thus will be doomed to repeat it. I personally want to move forward not backwards don’t you? ;-)

Still haven’t heard on if I’m going to have to move my family or not. That’s going to be interesting if it happens during the move of the supercomputer. I’ll work it all out regardless. For once I’m wary of the future but not afraid of it. And that’s a big change for me. :-)

Didn’t get on the bike yesterday and I likely won’t today. I’ve got too much stuff to do when I get home. I’ve got pending tasks piling up at home and at work so I need to get cracking.
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