nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Notes from the insane...

April 19, 2007 12:10 PM

Our tape backup software is nuts. It’s Veritas Backup Exec for Windows Servers (10.1d) and every time I set it up to do a backup of a couple of the Windows desktops it kills the server. It leaves the server at a black screen where it is on but not running. It doesn’t even have the decency to reboot into the BIOS. Just dead. That’s happened for two days in a row now.

So I’ve temporarily turned it off and told my general manager about it. I also mentioned to him that we should look at replacing that server in the next 6 months but that it would likely cost about $10k minimum to replace it. About $6k for the hardware and about $4k for the software. (Or with Microsoft involved it could likely be the other way around.)

One of the engineers at work today showed me a link to the radial-engine bike built by Jesse James of Monster Garage. Damn that thing looks cool! It also caused me to wonder if anybody has ever put a 7 cylinder radial engine into something like a VW kit car. Seems to me that as long as it cleared the road well enough the VW bug pan would be the ideal platform for that conversion. You might have to work out some reinforcing or framework around the end of the transmission but I can easily see someone making a conversion kit to put a Rotec in that vehicle. That would be one cool car! ^_^

Found out what it would cost me to get the new high speed USB Sprint adapter and use it. The cost to me is $99 for the adapter itself then another $59/month even though I already have an unlimited data plan. I’m _almost_ thinking about it seriously. $60/month is not bad for something that gives me 300k minimum and has drivers from the manufacturer for my Mac. I’m sure there are probably some Linux binary drivers already as well but I didn’t check. As it stands it’s too rich for me but it may not be in the future.

Still waiting to hear if we’re going to have to move or not. Frankly I should just call our landlord and find out but quite honestly I’m too chicken-shit and would rather not know at the moment. Which is a bad thing actually so I should call him tonight when I get home. (I also need to see if he showed the flower pictures to his wife or not so I know if I should treat them as weeds or not.) But quite frankly I’m scared. Moving would throw a big monkey-wrench into everything right now. We can do it but I wouldn’t be happy. That and we’d likely have to move into some place way too small for us. If I can fix our credit quickly that might not be an issue as we might be able to just up and buy a house. But if that takes a lot of time then it could put us into a most annoying situation.

Requested a check for my wife’s birthday present from the credit union account. The check I requested also has enough in it to buy myself a refurb iPod as well as a couple of other things. She knows she’s getting the iPod already so there’s no surprise there but I don’t think she realizes that she’s going to get the iPod in 30gb format and some accessories or an 80gb iPod. Me, I’m replacing my 1st generation iPod with a 3rd generation iPod of the same size. That gives me the same amount of space and the dock connector so I can use all the cool accessories. Everybody wins...for the moment....

Still waiting for it to be warm enough to ride my bike to work. I’m going to have a couple opportunities next week because I won’t have to pick up or take my daughter on a couple of days. That means all I’m waiting for is weather. Which hopefully will be warm enough. If not then summer will be here soon enough...
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