nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

I so want to be on two wheels right now...

April 23, 2007 11:15 AM

it was supposed to rain today so I didn’t ride my bike to work like I wanted to. But I’ve seen no rain - only light clouds. :-(

My father stopped by on Saturday and he and our housemate and I talked for hours on end and hung out until about 11:30pm talking about bikes and old stories and misc. It was cool to hang out with my dad - I never used to be able to do that in the past. Either he and mom were having problems or I was too busy with problems of my own. It just didn’t happen until recent years. Now I kind of cherish those moments - even if some of them are doing tech support on his home computer. *rolls eyes* Regardless it’s nice. And after talking to him I think we managed to motivate him to fix his bike. That will be really cool. Riding around with my dad.

Got some of the stuff swapped between the shed and the garage. Now I just need to start shipping certain things to my friend in Florida then start listing and boxing things for E-Bay sale.

I did get rid of a bunch of things this weekend - a bunch of old computer catalogs and such. (Computer Shopper - remember that huge thing? I had a half-dozen of those damn things.) A bunch of magazines that I didn’t know why I was keeping. (Not the Omni or Byte magazines though - those will likely end up in someone’s collection.)

It was nice to be able to get into the shed after I was done. I’ve currently got empty Dell system boxes I’m going to use for shipping out all the old test equipment that I’m going to sell on E-Bay lying around. After I cleaned out the shed there was more than enough room to put those in there out of the way of other things so now I have some room in the garage to start taking pictures of the test equipment and get the damn stuff listed on E-Bay so I can get rid of it. The stuff is getting in my way and I don’t have the room to collect it any more. Besides, somebody is probably looking for some of it - some of it is pretty cool stuff. Like the Sylvania Polymeter and the one rack-mount RF amplifier. As well as the Heathkit tube amps and the one tube-based PA system. I’m sure some collector is looking for that stuff. If not then it’ll go out in the garbage one day.

Not doing so hot today - I think something I ate yesterday is getting the better of me. My stomach has been a little blech all day. It’s better now that I have some decent food in it but still I’m going to have to be careful. I’d hate to have a problem at work.

Figured out what kind of bag I’m going to make for my quick-grab notebook bag. I figure that I can sew some of the very thin deerhide I have into a messenger style bag that has a single bandolier style strap that I can just throw over myself diagonally and get on the bike and go. I don’t necessarily need padding for the notebook in that case because it’ll usually be for short distances. I bet I can work out some sort of trade with a couple of people I know to do the work in exchange for some of the deerhide or something else. (The one guy I know wants my tube tester so maybe I’ll trade that for leather work from him. We’ll see.)

Lots of things to do. I just need to keep doing them...
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