nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

I'm spoiled now...

April 26, 2007 11:16 AM

I really really want to buy the broadband dongle for my laptop because 19.2k on my cell-phone sucks bigtime.

I remember when I thought that was a fast speed...*farts dust*


Feeling wiped today. I tried eating all vegetarian food when we ordered Chinese last night. That worked out well except I ate more of it than I would normally and then slept on it. Which caused my blood sugar to be 145 this morning. Thankfully I was able to get that back down but it’s still an annoying failure in my book. Have to work harder on this...

Got my replacement 3rd gen ipod yesterday and loaded it all up. It even came with a little remote so I can leave it all closed up in the center console and still change tracks and stuff. Also since it’s a 3rd gen I can use all those funky accessories that I wasn’t able to get before. Things like the voice recorder, car dock, etc. But not right now.

I’m about to smack Sprint with a large two-by-four. I’m trying to use my 19.2k connection to post on my web server and Livejournal and as of the last week or so I can no longer do that. I attempt to post and it goes nowhere. Nothing has changed on my configuration and I can do those functions fine if connected to a wired or wifi connection. I dread calling Sprint support because in all the time I’ve ever had any dealings with them they have never been even remotely polite let alone helpful. Local people maybe but never Sprint’s direct support people. *sigh* And I don’t want to sit through an hour of waiting and “Tier 1” tech support where someone in India reads off a script of things for me to try that are unrelated to the problem and won’t let me go forward until/unless I try those things. Of course if they are purposely preventing me from uploading/posting then they are mis-representing “unlimited data connection” and will see the end of any lawyer I can sick on them.

I suppose that means I’m going to likely be buying that damn dongle after all. I did figure out that if I hustle and get rid of the truck I can use that extra money to pay most of the monthly fee that will be added onto my service for getting the broadband dongle.
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