nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Meat or cake or blech...

May 2, 2007 11:10 AM

Checked on replacement parts for my truck differential. Can be either good or bad depending on what I have to replace.

Just the spider gears: $130
Spider + ring + pinion: $400
Used rear axle: $400 if they have one that matches.
Rebuilt rear axle: $850 but I’d have to drive to Wisconsin to get it.

I’m hoping that once I rotate the ring gear I find no damage to it or the pinion. Then I’ll ask a friend who just did one of these if he would like to do mine for a little spare cash. I can’t see him turning it down but if he does I can do it myself if I need to. He’s just done one before so he’s a little better choice.

Not that I’m complaining - even with the nasty traffic and the cold I am still loving riding the bike every day. I’m hoping I can drag this out a little just to save some gas among other things.

Didn’t get more than the car stuff done yesterday but that wasn’t too bad. I had some small time to relax before picking up my wife and daughter. I also finished another SciFi book - which my wife hates when I do because it shows how much faster I read than she does.

Got that weird feeling at work again - like I’m not working as hard as everybody else. I know I’m getting tasks done and I know I’m behind on stuff in some areas (mostly waiting for stuff to happen in upper management) but it still feels like I’m not doing enough.

Someone on another list said that laziness is not the desired characteristic in a good I/T Manager but that a good I/T Manager will have organized everything and kept everything running and automated so that he has time to be lazy. I think this is where I am right now. But I can’t bring myself to just sit on my ass. For instance as we speak I have a demo of an open-source Microsoft Exchange substitute downloading at the office. I’m going to use it on the old Win 2K Dell server that crashed the OS and if it works I’m going to try and put it in a local position that will allow us to spool out mail locally and send it out locally without depending so much on the corporate mail server. The corporate office isn’t going to like that but there are smaller divisions that have their own mail server and if I can do this without paying “The Microsoft Tax” then I’ll have accomplished something pretty cool.

Found some helmet speakers on E-bay that are only $20 or so. Not sure if I’m going to buy them. For the moment I kind of like having the lack of music and the wind noise. I might buy them but not install them - save them for when I do finally get tired of just being alone with my own thoughts.


Huh. That’s something I didn’t think about. When I’m on the bike nobody can bug me. Nobody can intrude on my thoughts. I’ve been looking for a place like that for some time now and this explains why, besides wanting one for about 30 years, I jumped so hard to get a bike. That’s an incredible amount of freedom so I’m going to have to work long and hard to deserve that and keep it.

Speaking of the bike I’m hoping to hold a “carb clinic” in my area. I don’t have the special tools or the knowledge but I can provide the space and food among other things. Hopefully our housemate will want to hang around even though he doesn’t have the same model bike.

Still behind on listing things on E-Bay and getting rid of them. This truck thing has thrown everything but my schedule out of whack! I still haven’t bought a freight scale but with the exception of the truck parts I don’t think we have any large bills due immediately so I might spend the $65 this week.
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