nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

I hope my truck stays broke for a while...

May 3, 2007 11:12 AM

Especially since my wife can’t chirp me while I’m riding it.

I got insanely angry at her yesterday because she didn’t realize how rude she was being.

I was sitting downstairs talking to our housemate who was explaining the workings of Netflix and she chirped me to let me know that they were leaving to come home. No problem. She asked me what I wanted for dinner and I had no idea. I thought that was the end of it.

So because I didn’t want to be interrupted again I turned off the DC speaker on my Nextel which mutes all but the chirp sound.

Further during the conversation with our housemate the phone chirps again. I ignore it because I’m in the middle of a conversation about anime and Netflix.

It chirps again. I ignore it again.

The house phone rings. I ignore that as well.

My phone chirps again. I, and the housemate, get fed up and I go outside and answer the damn phone.

What was so important? My wife wanted to know what I wanted for dinner in case she was supposedly going to pick it up on the way home.

I’m pissed off by this time so I tell her “Fine! I want tacos!”

“Well I’m going to come home first and drop our daughter off before I go and get them.”


If she was going to do that then why the hell was she trying incessantly to get a hold of me!

Furthermore she told me that she called the house phone in case I was out riding the bike. If that was true the why did she chirp my phone immediately afterwards!


And on top of all that I was the one that had to go out and get the damn food!

Still a little angry about it I guess. The worst part about it is that she doesn’t understand why I’m so upset. In her mind I should ALWAYS be available for her but she is under no such restraint.

Sorry to disappoint my wife but slavery has been outlawed in this country. :-(

As for riding my bike it gets a little easier and more fun each day. Today my hands were hardly sore when I got to work. it was pretty cool because at one point today when I pulled out into traffic or changed lanes or something I suddenly realized that my right hand had stopped feeling numb. That was pretty cool actually.

As nice as that is I’m going to have to fix my truck eventually because I won’t be able to ride the bike in winter - not easily anyway. And my truck’s still got a bunch of old chemicals in it from cleaning out my sister’s garage. Gotta figure out what to do with those. The paint I can get rid of through certain channels but I have no idea what to do with things like old cans of linseed oil and paint thinner. I’m sure there are resources but I want to try and avoid paying out cash to dispose of things like that.

In fact that’s a whole separate subject. I mean if they want to encourage people to recycle then why the hell are they charging people? The most likely reason is that the companies don’t want to pay to recycle their own products and are sticking the consumer with the costs. I don’t think that sounds right to anybody but a corrupt executive. :-(

Still smell oil on my bike so I’m going to have to keep an eye on her just in case. She’s an 80’s bike so I kind of expect her to burn a little oil but if I’m not careful that could get really really bad. And I still need to colortune her and clean up the carbs. The carb kits are about $15 each so $60 to do all four isn’t too bad. Personally I’d like to have a spare set of carbs to re-do so I don’t accidentally make the bike non-rideable but that’s an expensive proposition as a complete set of carbs can go for $100 - $200 on E-Bay and much more from other sites.

I’ve still got several months left so I may yet get to painting her. I’m going to start with the Chrysler white because I like that color but first I have to smooth out the dents in the tank and strip the finish. It might be worthwhile buying a replacement tank but I can’t seem to find one that doesn’t have dents on it already. No biggie as our housemate showed me how to push out the dents by gently using a large pry-bar through the tank opening. Worse comes to worse I can use the dreaded “bondo” or some metal putty or epoxy to fill the dents before priming and painting. In fact that would be a lot easier for the one dent as it’s in the top left-hand side of the tank and hard to get to without a specially bent tool.

Anyway that’s a few months down the road. For now it’s back on the road... ;-)
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