nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Need to not do that again...

May 4, 2007 11:11 AM

I ate 5 pieces of a deep-dish sausage and extra cheese pizza last night before going to bed. *OOF!* Not a good idea. I didn’t feel well this morning after that.

Acquired another digital camera today. My general manager got rid of the Sony Mavica FD-07 floppy based camera. It’s actually a pretty good starter camera and is good for static shots even if it’s only a 640x480 resolution camera.

It’s going to rain this afternoon so we’re doing the single-vehicle shuffle today. Of course because I didn’t ride it won’t rain until after I get home. ;-)

Haven’t heard anything more about the one supercomputer rescue. I’m going to have to dig into that one and make sure it happens even if I’m not involved. I’d hate to see something like that get trashed.

We’re celebrating my wife’s birthday this evening which means even more pizza albeit homemade this time but still. :-/

Got another one of my servers up and running for the most part. I’m still having problems with Mailman on the damn thing though. It says there are no lists but I created one already. Maybe I need to do some more back-end stuff to get it working. I’d like to get the one mailing list I have off of the mailserver itself so I can remove the web access on that server.

And I really really really need to get my DNS servers set up. It’s costing me quite a bit now each year to pay to maintain those. And the more domains I add the more it costs me. Whereas adding a pair of DNS servers would cost me nothing but time and hardware that I already have. Heck I could probably just add the services to the servers I have up now. In fact that sounds like a DAMN good idea. I bet I can get those services building when I leave the office today and have them at least built and installed if not configured by the time I get home.

The thing I hate is that it takes at least 72 hours for a full DNS changeover so I won’t know until that time is passed if I have a properly working server or not. A pain but a necessary one.

I think before I install the services I’m going to take time this weekend to read the DNS & BIND book I have at home. It’s not completely current but it should be able to get me on the right track and more than enough information to configure the servers once built.

Helped find a bug in Macjournal and the guy says he has now fixed it for the next release. I’m pretty happy about that because it’s annoying that I can’t re-configure my blog server settings without crashing Macjournal.

So in the grand scheme of things I’m doing ok. Not fantastic but ok. As usual I could be doing much better...
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