nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

I'll never live it down if I fail...

May 10, 2007 11:19 AM

I found a good home for a particular supercomputer that I’m trying to rescue. I haven’t heard anything back from the military guy yet but they said it was going to be released by the end of April and here it’s getting close to mid-May. I’m more than a little worried that this is going to go to the scrappers and I’d really hate to see that - it’s a beautiful machine. (I’m purposely not stating the machine so as not to jinx the situation - I’m having enough problems staying on top of this.) Anyway I found a private collector that has the money to transport it and the space to store it and display it. I sincerely hope nothing goes wrong here...

Checked out my truck the other day and found that I only need the $130 spider gears for the rear differential. Yay! ^_^

I’ll hopefully be able to get that fixed by next week some time. As I stated before though I’m not anxious to do so. If it were winter or something then yes but for the moment I’m more than a little happy to ride the bike.

I don’t think my wife realizes how much gas money we’re saving nor how much I’m getting done by me riding my bike every day.

I’m now getting 42 mpg on the bike after running Seafoam cleaner through a couple of tanks. That’s about 3x the mileage I get with my truck. (14mpg) That’s a nice chunk of change that if I wanted to I could use to buy my wife something nice. *hint* *hint* (Though I’m late for Mother’s Day so it won’t be for that.)

In terms of time I’m now getting home at about 3pm and I’m getting a lot more done. For instance yesterday I:

Weeded the flowerbeds on the South fenceline. (Still need to cover and spray.)
Replaced the hose nozzle.
Take pictures to get some weeding questions answered.
Did three loads of laundry.
Got several computer things done that have been pending for a long time.
Was more relaxed so I was able to better handle things - like my daughter bugging my wife to watch TV.
And a few other things.

Today when I get home I will likely:

Do another three loads of laundry.
Do the daily finances.
Do more weeding - this time in the flowerbeds on the North fenceline.
Do the dishes that don’t fit or go in the dishwasher.
Clean the kitchen.
Bring more laundry upstairs to be folded.

She wonders why I suddenly have the time to be involved in my daughter’s education - it’s because I’m not spending those extra hours on the road. I know she doesn’t like it but I’m hoping she has the good sense to at least understand how much this is helping things at home.

Who knows? The more I get done the more time I’ll have to spend with her and our daughter.

Unfortunately my wife is one of those “I want it now!” people. Not quite a “Veruca Salt” but she can be quite “high maintenance” at times. I still love her though - more than I think she realizes.

Likely though what will happen is that I’ll fix the truck and she’ll start asking me to take our daughter down in the morning again. She won’t do it right away, well she might but I suspect not, but instead she’ll likely so the same damn thing her mother does that pisses me off. She’ll do it one or two times, leave it alone, then do it a few more times, “Just this once!”, then finally it’ll become a trend and I’ll be back taking my daughter down there every single day again.

She’s got to budge on something. Either she does more stuff at home or I do more stuff at home. If she wants me to do it then she’s got to give on the transport issues because that’s the ONLY way I’ll have time to do that.

Fixed the trim mower yesterday. Our housemate griped that it wasn’t working. I knew what was wrong with it but he never asked me.

The symptoms where that the mower would intermittently start but if I reached down and manually twisted the lever that the safety cable is attached to then the mower would start just fine. My conclusion was that the cable had stretched. I didn’t fix it because of past instances of hearing no end of how I “fixed it wrong”.

Well with his complaints and my explanation he said “Just fix it!” - so I did.

Turns out that I was only partially right but it was a simple repair regardless. The fastener for the bottom end of the safety cable came loose and the cable lost enough tension that it would intermittently not start. Adjusted the cable tension and tightened the cable down with a screwdriver, and a nut-driver when the cheap ass screw stripped a little, and it works just fine.

All fixed. ^_^
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