nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Pop pop pop...

May 14, 2007 11:16 AM

My bike goes pop pop pop...

Actually it’s my fault. I didn’t let her warm up enough this morning so she was making misfire noises this morning until she warmed up. Needless to say I ordered the Colortune off of E-Bay this morning so I can get her tuned up properly and maybe even be able to take the choke off when the bike is fully warmed up. It’ll be nice to have the bike properly tuned and get even better gas mileage than I’m getting now.

My friend from out East stopped by this weekend. It’s always good to see him - despite him complaining about not being able to comment on my “blog”. ;-P

He’s got a point I suppose but honestly that’s not why I write the stuff here. I write, sometimes, to inform family and friends of things going on in my life but the biggest reason I write here is to let go of things that are on my mind.

I can concentrate much better on the stuff life throws at me if I manage to take other things off my mind. When I write them down - even electronically - those things get put into the back of my mind because I’ve moved them “somewhere else”. Thus they don’t occupy so much attention in my awareness and allow me to function just that much better.

Anyway our housemate, my “big city” friend, and I talked for hours sitting in the garage smoking cigars. It was pretty cool and quite enjoyable. One of these days I’m going to have to drop in on him but not quite yet. That would cost us too much right now and we’re currently moving in the direction to become homeowners.

Likely we’ll be starting to purchase our final toys here soon before setting up to do serious scrimping and saving to buy a house. I’d like to buy one before the end of the year but that’s likely not realistic so I’m going to have to settle for some time next year. (If only because I don’t want to move in winter.)

I’m hoping to find something with at least 3 bedrooms AND a basement but that may be pushing it. If the property is big enough we could always add onto it or I could put a workshop up in the back yard separate from the house. The one thing it has to have is a garage. I watched my father do maintenance with only a “carport” and I definitely won’t do that. The garage is necessary for both maintenance and storage of my mower and bikes. So regardless a garage is a necessity. I could like with two bedrooms as long as either the basement or the garage is good enough to set up all my computers in. I’m likely not going to do what most of my friends have done and convert the garage to a datacenter unless it’s a two-car garage and likely not then due to the fact that my wife will likely want to store her minivan in one bay. No skin off my nose. I honestly think the separate workshop is the best idea anyway and would love to do that. (Either that or live somewhere above a natural cave system. ;-)

Ideally the house I’d like to buy would have 4 bedrooms, an unfinished but dry basement, a two-car garage, and at least 1/4 of an acre of land. Preferably with trees around it. Currently a fenced yard is a priority too but I think that won’t be such a big deal once my daughter learns not to run off. (But that may take some time so the fenced yard is on the list for now.) The rooms would be used for: The Master Bedroom, my daughter’s room, a library, and my wife’s office. The basement would obviously be my workshop until I could build one outside. The one bay of the garage would be for my wife’s minivan while the other would be for both my bikes and the lawn tractor.

As I’ve said before I would love to build a house but I don’t think that’s going to be in the cards for quite some time. Though if we can buy a farmhouse on some acreage I wouldn’t think twice about building a very large workshop. ^_^

Before all that gets started I need to rectify the Equifax situation. Unfortunately that’s an awful lot of typing and composing so I haven’t gotten to it yet. Unlike writing here which is more of a natural flow of thoughts that is more akin to data entry which is considerably more tedious. But like it or not I have to get it done if we want to progress in our lives. We can’t live where we’re living forever - eventually we’ll have to move. But if I do it right we’ll be able to move right into our own house. I can’t count on being able to stay where we are for very long either so I have to move as quickly as possible too. If I sit still the universe will dump me into a hole and my family and friends right along with me.

There was an old episode of Blake’s 7 where Avon met a creature that lived on a planet that was alive. The planet would swallow you if you stopped for any length of time. Thus the creature adopted the view “Movement is life.” I think that holds very true even for us. If we fail to move then we die. There is no rest in this universe. Remember what physics tells us? Any energy that is not increasing is immediately decreasing thus there can be no static state unless you are completely at zero.

And who wants to be a zero? ;-)
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