nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

And the hammer starts to fall...

October 13, 2005 11:56:09 AM

I'm not sure what's happened but something in the equation has changed. Last night our hosuemate's sister called to talk to him. After I heard her on the phone I got a feeling of something shifting - like the inertia when you drive a car around a corner. It feels like Sharon has made her mind up to come back home from California. The call from Linda was just the catalyst for me to notice the other thing.

My friend says this isn't true but it still feels like something big has changed overall. I'm going to damn well be prepared this time.

I need to get a lot of things done this weekend. I'll be able to work freely Saturday because my wife and daughter will be at my nephew-in-law's birthday party. I fully intend to get the garage completely organized that day then work on my truck on Sunday. I need to get the brake parts on Friday really because I'm going to be too busy on Saturday to do it. We're going to be taking the freezer out of the equation so I need to empty that on Friday. I think the coffee is really the only thing that needs to be saved. All the venison is probably bad by now. Have to make sure it's completely clean otherwise it'll get all moldy like my mother's old one when it died.

(That reminds me - I have to buy front tires for my truck very soon. I'm sure that part of the noises I'm hearing in that truck is the front driver's side tire. I think it's starting to bulge a little and is thus making noise.)

My friend was half joking and half serious about using the old chest freezer for testing boat motors in. I think it's a good idea but we'll have to move my bike inside and put the freezer in it's spot. I really don't have a problem with that now that I've decided to keep my bike and fix it. In fact if the garage is organized the right way I'll be able to work on it during the winter - provided we don't have to move that is. Regardless I like the idea. We can even keep the lid on it if we can find the key for it which I think is in the gadget drawer.

Getting a workspace for both my friend and I outside will go a long way towards alleviating tensions and giving me a private space to get away from most people. I really am liking the quiet time I'm getting right now when I get home. It means the world to me right at the moment because my daily thoughts are so busy. Funny - either I'm sitting at my desk surfing the web or everything is going nuts! Regardless my time is mostly pretty busy.

Once again though I need to meditate at home. After I get the garage done I might just have a quiet place to do that. If I was able to do it at the warehouse I should sure as hell be able to do it in the garage. I'll also have to buy some extra-large shower curtains to be able to partition off the area where I want to paint things. I think I can come up with something that is portable or at least able to be taken down when not in use. The hang-over shower rings should do fine. I'll have to think about it. I'm sure an idea will come to me once things are organized out there. ^_^
Tags: bad vibes, family gifts, organization, vehicle maintenance, workshop
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