nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Idiots abound...

May 15, 2007 11:10 AM

So our illustrious (read: infamous) Attorney General Gonzales is re-submitting another Intellectual Property Protection Act that would make it a crime to even “attempt” to break copyright protection.

Ever wonder why they use the term “intellectual property”? It’s because the only way they can put a monetary value to it is to call it property. Now what is really happening is they’re getting paid for the work of other people and now want to make it a crime to even “attempt” to take any of it away from them. (If they could they would make it illegal to make your own content too!)

In reality it’s even worse than that because not only are they getting money for their “property” from consumers (that’s you and me - we’re not people any more) but they are also in a lot of cases taking those people (they call them artists but they don’t think of them as people either) and charging them for the privilege of getting some small amount of money from those consumers.

Got that?

They get money from us.

They get money from the artists.

We get content that we paid too much for.

And we get treated like criminals in the bargain.

Fuck that.

I saw somebody on a popular web forum ask “Where is our revolution? Aren’t we supposed to have one of those every 100 years or so to thin things out?”

The revolution is with him and those like him that even remotely ponder that question. The problem is that they don’t know it. They’ve been so conditioned to the idea that “Nothing can be done.” or “You can’t fight government.” or “I’m only one person.” that they will not even try. They will not even consider that they have a chance.

To them I say consider this: There are more of us than of them. And in the end all the security in the world and all the money can not protect them against a rising tide of people marching upon them.

Sheep: “But we’ll lose all we own if we fight them!”

Me: “You’ll lose it anyway if they continue unchecked.”

Sheep: “But they’ll hurt us!”

Me: “Hunger hurts just as bad as a bullet. Both will kill you - the only difference is how fast.”

Sheep: “But we won’t know what the future holds! Better the devil we know!”

Me: “The future isn’t certain under any conditions. Why not try and trade a devil for an angel?”

Sheep: “But we could get a worse devil!”

Me: “Yes. But then you repeat the process. Eventually you’ll get something other than a devil.”

Sheep: “That’s a lot of hard work! Why would I want to work so hard?”

Me: “Because if you don’t you’ll be working even harder under the life they would have you lead now. The quiet and soft comfortable life you have now is only temporary. When they can no longer easily get what they want from you they’ll no longer be the least bit concerned about your comfort. But you will be.”

Sheep: “....”

Me: “And by that time open and bloody revolution will be the only choice to get your lives back. Pay now with some hardship and tears or pay later in blood. One price is much much higher than the other. I know which one I’d be more willing to pay.”

Sheep: “You’re just being one of those paranoid nutcases they told us about! Oooh! My favorite TV show is coming on!”

Me: *sigh*

And that is probably how such conversations would go unfortunately. The people are so blinded by the media and by never having been taught that there is something more - that they can be and do something better - that they think security and safety should be sought regardless of the price.

The world isn’t safe and it never will be.

Where are the adventurers that I heard about in my youth? Where are the people willing to get into a tiny box and sail off to somewhere they know not where?

I think they’re still here.

I think that there are more of them than I can count.

Want a conspiracy theory? Here’s a doozie!

Imagine that you were able to pinpoint all the people in population with the “spirit of adventure” or something similar.

Now imagine that, as you would imagine, there’s a finite amount of those people.

Now load those people down with mundane everyday tasks that sap their strength and their will until they can not even spare the moment to look out the window and dream.

That my friends is where they are right now. Right this very moment. I’m not saying that some specific unnamed group is doing this but we are definitely doing it to ourselves at the very least.

I know some of the brightest people on the planet. I don’t claim to be one and I won’t claim to be in their league. But if even one small iota of that load lessened on them you would see a change in the world that would take your breath away.

There is an army of Einsteins, Teslas, Ghandis, Freuds, and many many unknowns right on our doorsteps yet they are so burdened with all the things that have been heaped upon them that some of them won’t survive. And that is sad because what they are and what they know right at this moment will be lost to the universe. Those that die unfulfilled or choose to leave of their own hand are some of the greatest failures of our race and I am saddened knowing that.

I’ll tell you a secret though. I’ll tell you something that gives me hope.

Some of them...not many but some...are succeeding despite the burdens placed upon them.

And in time those few will eventually succeed in helping more lighten their loads. And in time still more. And more after that.

And you want to know something else? There’s no way to stop them. Oh sure you can get one or two. You can silence a few. Heck you can even try to train them out at birth! But you’ll only get a small fraction.

We’re not failures as a species and as such we grow. And the puny dreams of greedy men will in the end not even slow that growth.

Not. One. Bit.
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