nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

A misty morning ride...

May 16, 2007 11:13 AM

It rained last night so there was plenty of water on the road this morning and a few sprinkles between here and the office. I had to be a little more careful on the bike today.

Which actually isn’t a bad thing because I need to learn to do that. It wasn’t so hard - slow down a bit, keep the bike more upright in the turns, longer stopping distances, etc. The biggest problem was toning down my ego and letting other vehicles pass me. I was able to do it but about the third time that some stupid SUV or dirt truck sprayed me with a little what I was more than a little annoyed. *shrug* Got through it so no biggie.

Tired again today but not really because of sleep. I woke up at 2 a.m. after going to bed at 10:30 p.m. the night before. I ate three chocolate chip cookies (Bad Mike!) and then went back to bed. No surprise then that I felt like crap when I got back up. I need to get a handle on this stuff.

Going to start ordering parts for my bike as well as some of my other toys that I want. We’re getting close to the cutoff where we will start saving to buy a house so we need to get most of the big toy purchases done now. Nothing that will leave us with a reoccurring bill mind you but I will probably buy a Macbook in a couple months from now because I need to be able to run the most current software. I love my Pismo but it’s time to hand it down to someone else. My mother would be a good candidate. Maybe I’ll do two things and upgrade the Pismo to a G4 as well as buy a Macbook. Expensive but still quite a good idea.

It was too wet to work on my truck yesterday so I think I’ll try and get started on it tonight. Depends on what happens later this afternoon weather-wise. I really did want to have my one friend walk me through the procedure because he just did one on his wife’s truck but that might not be possible due to time.

I may take tomorrow off as a vacation day so I can get more stuff done at home. I’m starting to fall behind again because I can’t take Wednesdays off because my wife has made plans for the next two weekends. But I need to get things done and I have the vacation time so taking tomorrow is a good idea. I can’t take Friday off because that’s the Manager Meeting at work and I need to attend - especially since it’s been rescheduled several times over the last two months.

Maybe tomorrow I can even get some other things done besides my truck - like clean and organize the upstairs kitchen and dining room. It really really needs it.

That room has several problems - one of which is the fish tank. It’s really really bad right now. I manage to keep the algae at bay but I really need to replace it as I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get it completely clean. Ever. I’d like to get one of the taller stand-up tanks that takes up less floor space and has more room for fish and decorations. Those can be fairly pricey so I might try and build my own which I’ve heard is not too hard. I may take a cue from the PC case-modding crowd and do a completely clear lexan case held together by dissolved Lexan “glue” which effectively makes the construction a single bonded item. Sort of “plastic soldered” together.

Regardless it’s one more thing on my list...
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