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A sudden drop...

May 17, 2007 11:11 AM temperature. Fairly chilly ride this morning and even the short distance to the restaurant.

Working on buying more toys for myself and my wife before we scrimp for a house. I just bought my Hakko soldering station on E-Bay for about $80 shipped. That covers one of my major geek tools for fiddling with circuits and stuff. Since it’s ESD rated and I’m going to learn smt soldering that also gives me a way to repair certain things and keep our existing electronic devices longer. I may end up with a third iPod out of the deal if I can resurrect my original 10 gig.

Found out that if I want to replace my spark plug wires on my bike I’m going to have to first replace the coils because the original wires are bonded into the shell of the stock coils. Fortunately that only has to be done once and then you can use after-market coils and wires from that point on. Personally though I’m going to get some other things done first.

Getting mack into the swing of things. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take today off like I planned but I think I’m going to take next Wednesday off just to get more stuff done at home. When people aren’t home I can just do stuff without having people in my way and having people complain or nitpick every little thing. I notice that I work much harder too because I can work without distraction and dedicate most of my attention to the task at hand.

Put a purchase request for a Roomba on my general manager’s desk today. It’s partly a joke but if he decides to go with it that will be extremely cool and I think it will work well provided it can be set up to work from any of the three charging stations I put on the list. He’ll probably say no but I think it should be considered. They even have workshop versions that I think would work great out in the plant but we’d have to buy a large amount of them - a “fleet” of Roombas so to speak - because the plant is almost 50k square feet in size.

I’d love to get a couple for the house but we can’t seem to keep the floors uncluttered enough to let them roam anywhere. If I were able I’d get a Roomba for the main upstairs rooms, a Scooba for the kitchen area, and a nother Roomba Discovery for downstairs. Unfortunately that totals out to about $685 minimum so I think we’ll skip that one for now.

Besides, as I said before, I don’t think the floors could remain uncluttered enough for any length of time to allow them to work properly. Not that I’m not working to change that.

Sometimes though I feel that there’s no point to all this. Like I’m perpetually spinning my wheels no matter what direction I go and that I will never be able to do anything but.

For instance I get tired of constantly being told I’m inadequate by some people. I know I’m not. I get tired of being told I’m wrong when the documentation is easy for people to find and read and proves me right. *sigh*

It’s almost like the world around me gets more and more willing to disbelieve anything but an “approved” source of information. Which I suppose ties into what I said a couple of days ago where people listen too much to the people saying that nothing can be done and why should we believe you “conspiracy nuts”. It’s almost like any data I put out there is immediately invalidated by those around me. I makes me feel like they no longer want me to exist and are trying every thing they can short of openly killing me to drive me away.

Sometimes I want to run with their plan and just leave...
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