nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Helmet speakers rock!

May 18, 2007 11:14 AM

I’m pretty happy with the $20 helmet speakers I got off of E-Bay. I installed them in my full face helmet and once I got them placed right I was able to hear both the outside noise and the music. That means I’m all set for long rides on the bike after I get her all tuned up. They were a little distracting at first but once I positioned them right and learned to shift my focus I was fine.

Speaking of which I am watching a set of vacuum gauges specifically for syncing all four carbs on my bike. Someone on another forum said: Sync, Colortune, then sync again. Sounds like very good advice.

I should be able to get my truck fixed on Saturday so that will be cool. I’ve got all the spider gears and the pin so all I need to do is take the old one apart, clean the hell out of everything - using a strong magnet as well as other shit, then put the new gears in. That last one is likely the hardest part. Hopefully I have someone there to help walk me through it.


Sometimes the words don’t flow. Sometimes everything is as dry as a bone. My mind seems to run in fits and starts on occasion. One moment it’ll be traveling at .9C and at other times it won’t want to move at all.

Sometimes it’s got things “gummed up” in it. Too many thoughts at once, too many ideas trying to escape out one pipe line and clogging it in the process. Which makes the flow slow as hot tar...

Still trying to get ahead of things both at work and home. I re-did my list of goals this morning for work and sorted out some of that stuff. I hate to say it but maybe I should give myself some timed goals at home too. I _hate_ filling out that paperwork though so I’m less likely to pay attention to doing it at home where it’s optional versus work where it’s not.

Really need to get rid of that old test equipment in the garage. I know where some of it is going and more of it might go to the one person but some of those things are definite E-Bay items. Which reminds me - I need to buy that small freight scale. I should pick that up after I get home. Thankfully I can do that later in the evening because I have quite a number of other things to do when I get home. Like pick up the cash I owe to our housemate for the cigars he picked up at the one mall for me.

I also need to do a bunch of oil changes this weekend if I can. One each on the mower and the bike respectively. That means I also have to go out and get straight SAE 30W oil too. I wonder if I can get our housemate to pick me up an oil filter from the Yamaha dealer - he works right nearby there...

Truly mundane ramblings today. Most days in fact...
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