nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Still no cicadas...

May 24, 2007 11:08 AM

I haven’t heard one peep out of the back woods by the house. :-(

Waiting for my tools to come in so I can tune my bike. I’m hoping against hope that they will show up before the weekend because it’s a three-day-weekend and I should have time to tune her up before I start riding to work again.

And with gas the price it is I will be riding her well into the fall if I can manage it. Maybe even winter if it’s like it’s been the past few winters.

I’m not complaining about gas prices for several reasons - not the least of which is that I know people “over the pond” that pay considerably more than we do here in the US.

I’d love to get the time and money to try doing a motorcycle conversion that is electric and has a greater than 100 mile range. I’ve got some great ideas and with litium-ion batteries getting cheaper all the time it’s gradually becoming feasible to do something like this without paying some huge amount of dollars. Though it will likely be about the cost of a used Harley Davidson when all is said and done.

But then you’d also think there’d be plans for highway speed capable diesel bikes but I can’t seem to find those either. :-/

Speaking of plans I saw someone on a bike forum post pictures of an air horn installed on his bike. While I don’t doubt that it works well to have people notice the bike I can’t help but wonder about two things:

One - wouldn’t people be looking for a larger vehicle that makes that sound and consequently _not_ be looking for the bike?

Two - how badly does something like the compressor for that affect the electrical systems of the bike?

My current horn sounds like a VW Bug horn (old style Bug) and isn’t too bad for getting people to notice that I’m there.

I really need to start accumulating the repair parts for the Suzuki. I should either fix it, sell it, or both. I will likely keep it and repair it then modify it in classic “steampunk” style. This will likely cost me more than I’d expect but dreams always have a price - even small dreams.

Need to clean out the bed of my truck tonight and pick up a set of straps for it so I can transport my dad’s bike back to the house so we can put the clutch in it. That means I also need to bring the books into the house as well but I should have done that already.

Anyway the clutch is really the only thing stopping him from riding the bike this summer so I’ll get that done for him and then maybe my dad and I can go riding together. Something that might be a little awkward for me because “Where would we go?” but something that also would be pretty cool nonetheless.

I suddenly find myself pretty proud of my whole damn family despite some of their actions which I do not agree with but will not air on a public forum. They all seem to have cleaned up well and found their own paths. I think that we’ll do much better now that we’re all separated - it removes much of the tension we felt when we were all in the same place. Now that we’re all separated we seem to be shining a little brighter.

It’s almost like we were all shining brightly in some form or another but the combination caused serious interference patterns and darkness between us. Separate the sources of light and while they don’t shine any less bright the interference between them lessens greatly.

Working on learning Japanese again. It’s different this time though - I’m picking up more of it that I did before. I think this is in part due to development on my part and in part due to the fact that I’ve been watching subtitled anime instead of dubbed anime. Thus my mind is slowly building the framework of words and phrases and intonation that I need to understand the language. I think I will be able to learn it this time as long as I stick to it and use it often. That last part is key. If I want to learn another language I’m going to likely have to start taking to myself in it so I can shift my mind to acclimate myself to it’s use and thus make the framework real-world stable. If you don’t understand what I mean by that don’t worry - I’m using some of my internal terms to describe what’s going on.

My mind builds frameworks first, then inserts knowledge into them. Most minds do that - mine is just a little slower to build the framework. Once the framework is built the knowledge is retrieved quickly and accurately as long as it hasn’t been archived. Once it’s archived it’s slightly more *ahem* random as to the accuracy and retrieval time. Now if the framework contains data that is used every day or regularly for a long time then I will likely remember it years later.

The example I use is a Microsoft Office Pro key from years ago that I will likely remember well into my twilight years.


I used to make comments about moving into the “Fall” of my life. I don’t think that any more. I don’t think I have more time - I still have less time in my opinion than most on this planet - but I do think that the definition for those ages is wrong. There are _events_ in life but I really don’t think there are _stages_. See the difference? The so-called stages of life are actually labels that we ourselves put into our viewpoint so we can keep track of when major changes occurred. Life itself, currently, is linear without break or pause from beginning to end. If the goal is to follow that track from beginning to end and enjoy the ride why would you break the fun into smaller pieces?

Getting from the beginning to the end is fun and hard and a roller-coaster ride of epic proportions. I wouldn’t want anything to interrupt that would you? ;-)
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