nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Well that was most interesting...

May 29, 2007 11:15 AM

I replaced my dad’s clutch on his motorcycle this weekend. It went well except that he didn’t give me the key so I can’t adjust it yet. I’m picking up the key today or tomorrow. Accidentally had to re-paint his sidecovers because I got carb cleaner on them and it discolored the plastic. I’m sure he really won’t care since I painted them the same color but I still feel bad about it.

Something’s going on with the online banking for our bank. I think they either had a server crash or are being DDos’d. Either way it sucks because I don’t know where we stand on the finances. (I hope I don’t get stuck washing dishes at lunch today.)

Got an idea for a funky little blues song based on the anime NieA Under Seven - which is not that much of a stretch if you know the titles of the individual DVDs. They’ve all got “blues” in the titles. Still I think I can make something good of it. I won’t post it on the filk lists though because it’s not going to be good enough for that.

Need to start hustling again on the house. I’m way behind because for the last three weekends I was unable to work at the office and thus take a midweek day off. I’m taking Friday off this week so I can go in and work on Sunday. That should give me time to get certain things at home taken care of like organizing the upstairs and more weeding. I’ll have to go out and pick up some boxes and Spectracide so I can spray the flower gardens and get rid of the weeds. There’s too many to hand weed otherwise I’d do that - I hate chemicals but sometimes they’re necessary.

Also need to mod the kitchen floor again. That’s long overdue as is putting the ant stuff around the outside of the house. I do the latter every year and the former not often enough. :-(

Lots of stuff to do at home. But then I complain about that a lot too.

Forgot my damn ear-buds for my iPod - and the USB cable as well. I can’t even pick up any because I don’t know where the bank account stands. :-/

Need to start setting up stuff for a financial future for my family and I. Most people my age have at least one investment and we really need to have that under our belts and we need to start on it now if we want it to be worth anything later. Not sure what I want to do there but I think I’ll ask my wife’s brother as he’s good with investments. More research is definitely needed on this subject as I know almost nothing about it.

Need to get back to writing in my paper journals again. I wrote a little in them this weekend and found that I miss the feel of the pen on paper and the feeling of calm that happens when I have to slow down my thoughts to put them down. With the computer it’s different - I can achieve a fairly fast flow of thoughts to the “page” through the keyboard. It’s almost like speaking into the computer - like I connect my vocal circuits to my hands and what happens is I “speak” to the “page” and I get a fairly fast collection of my thoughts. Paper is different. I have to work to form my thoughts before I put them down because I’m writing with ink and that’s hard to change once on the page. Thus I have to slow my mind down and structure it differently - and _that_ produces a sort of calming effect.

Not that producing a stream of consciousness onto this page is a bad thing - I rather like a “fast flow” process for doing this sort of stuff - but sometimes the calm is more needed...
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