nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Moving forward again...

May 30, 2007 11:04 AM

They fixed the online banking thing this morning so when I get home today I can find out exactly where we stand with our finances again. It’s annoying how much I depend on that data but it can’t be helped for the moment. We’re not so wealthy that I can just not worry about bills. (Personally I never hope to be “unconcerned” with my bills because that’s irresponsible and I won’t do that if I can avoid it. It would be nice to be able to just up and buy what we want without being too concerned though.)

Still mentally got a bunch of things roaming around my skull. Was able to get all the ant stuff spread out around the house yesterday so that should cut down on the ants in the house. I may have to use the spray outside as well like I did last year. We’ll just have to wait and see.

One of the things I really have to pick up is all the weed killer I need to do those flowerbeds. That’s likely not cheap but it needs to be done. And I’ll need boxes or “rose cones” before I start spraying too. Those are probably cheaper than the weed killer.

Going to try and pick up the key from my dad today on the way home so I can work on his bike for him. I would like to re-paint the tank on it but I’ll have to think about that one. He may or may not want gloss to go with the other covers. But now that I have the small air compressor I can easily use my airbrush and do a good job on the tank.

Finally got my new Green Lantern ring that actually fits the finger it’s supposed to be on - the middle finger of the right hand. At least that’s where I think it should be. ;-) That marks me as one hell of a geek but so what? *shrug* I promised the old one to another person so I will get it to him when some friends of ours come up to visit next month. If he doesn’t come with them then they can deliver it to him.

Need to tune up the lawn tractor. It was puffing a little yesterday when I mowed the lawn. That and I have to move the fuel filter so it’s vertical underneath the gas tank if I want to keep a filter in that line. That’s the only place I can put it where it will feed fuel properly. I’ll have to probably empty the tank before I can do that though so it’s not something immediate. The big thing I need to do is change the oil on that thing. That’s way overdue. Clean the carb up a little and change the air filter on it. I’ll probably have to take apart the carb and clean the jets and stuff in it too but that’s not something I would do lightly - probably a winter project.

UPS says that my carb sync gauges are out for delivery so they might be there when I get home. That means I might be able to sync my carbs tonight. Can’t forget to put a fan in front of the bike while I’m doing that - overheating the bike would be bad. If I can sync them properly - which shouldn’t take long - I _might_ be able to colortune the bike as well.

Our housemate groused at me about the heat range of the colortune plug being different than the range of the spark plugs - and he is right - but I can’t see this tool being used by thousands of people across the planet on many different engines and not having it work right. Hopefully this is one of those cases where I can lead by example. He’s already said he’s adamant about not letting me use it on the one Kawasaki even though I’m paying him for it so he’s not even going to give the tool a chance. The sad part is that even if I tune my bike _perfectly_ using that tool he still won’t accept it. I know him well enough that he would swear up and down that I’d “lucked out” and that the tool couldn’t possibly be a good one nor the procedure valid.

I’m worried about him. His mind has become more closed of late. It’s hard for me to shrug off giving a damn about someone I’ve known longer than I’ve known my wife but he’s not looking for any help so it’s impossible for me to help him except to stay out of his way. “I’m into pissing people off lately.” he said the other night. That’s all well and good to do every so often but it’s no way to live a life. I think he’s stuck but I have no idea how to get him unstuck. (He of course would claim that there’s nothing wrong.)

My daughter is doing a little better. More words spoken every week or so. I’m hoping that I can get everything organized at home to provide her a more stable learning environment. That’s a little troublesome without help from my wife but I’ll still manage it. The big thing is having enough time and motivation to do things.

That’s something that nobody but me in that house seems to understand. I will do what needs to be done if you leave me alone to do it. If you micro-manage me or try to I will give you a mental “fuck you” and go do something I enjoy rather than listening to you complain. And if you tell me you’re going to do something and don’t do it I’ll take the hit because it was my fault for expecting someone to keep their promises in the first place. I try not to make promises I can’t keep but so far as I can tell promises don’t mean as much to others as they do to me.

To me a promise is a binding agreement between you and another person - sometimes to yourself internally - and that should not be made or broken lightly. People’s “word” used to mean something. I don’t know what’s happened but it doesn’t seem like a person’s word counts for much any more.

And that’s truly sad...
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