nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Riding in the rain...

June 3, 2007 1:08 PM


Just got done at work today and I get on the bike and it’s drizzling. Since I didn’t think it would rain I of course do _not_ have my rain gear in my backpack. From a similar experience last Thursday this means that I will have to put everything in my jacket into my backpack. Fortunately I have the space since i don’t have any rain gear in there.

Chicken/egg problem anybody? ;-)

Got my Hakko 936 soldering station all set up yesterday and put together a small ultrasonic parking kit:

Something quick to see how well my soldering skills have been retained over the years. I also bought a SMT blinky kit to learn surface mount soldering.

Have to go and get $100 to pay our housemate the next payment on the motorcycle for a mutual friend. I requested more money from the credit union account because I wanted to bolster the finances a little and because we spent a little extra this weekend.

Speaking of money - WTF is up with the electric company? My bill went from about $125 - $150 to $200 - $220! I know we burn a lot of electricity in my home but the rate hike here has just hammered us. I make enough to pay it but geeze! If these guys could claim to have spent the money on infrastructure upgrades or clean power research or something I wouldn’t be so angry about the situation but I’m betting that if I checked into it I’d find that, like the oil companies, they have been making record profits while not spending much more. Grrr....

Still haven’t finished the lyrics to Enohana Bathhouse Blues. I’ve got the first few verses done and they scan pretty well but I want to get that done before the weekend is over if I can. I hate having these things sit because the longer I let them sit the less the chance they will get finished.

Started working some more on my dad’s bike and it’s still got quite a few things wrong with it before he’ll be able to ride it. The biggest in my opinion is the front brakes still. There is a significant delay between when the lever is squeezed and when they activate. I haven’t tried bleeding them yet so maybe that’s all it is - I hope so anyway. He also needs at least one new air-cleaner boot and likely four new carb kits. The kits are about $20 each so that’s about $80 to clean up all the carbs. I think I’ll try cleaning out the bowls and jets first before taking the tops of the carbs apart.

Managed to get the Suzuki started briefly the other day! That was pretty cool. Looks like besides the head gasket it’s a combination of the carbs being all gummed up and the petcock not feeding fuel properly. The petcock kit is probably about $40 and the carb kits are yet again $80. I think I will do the same thing I did for the other bike and change from the airbox to pods. I’m tuning the bike up from scratch anyway so I’ll already have to adjust the sync and mixture. That means that once I get a head gasket, a tunnel gasket, four pods, four carb kits I will be able to get that bike on the road. It’s ugly as all sin at the moment with a tank dent and some nasty paint but it should be a good long-haul bike. That’s about $400 and I’ll have yet another bike running. Not too bad. And I don’t even have to spend that all at once either.
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