nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Rubber pants...

June 4, 2007 11:13 AM

I do believe today was the first time I’ve worn rubber clothing since I was a child. (I rode to work in the rain this morning and put on my rubber rain pants.)

Consequently I found that my ass is fatter than I thought it was. This is also likely why very few people look good in rubber clothing. ;-)

I’m getting a little flak from people around me because I’ve been riding the bike in the rain but you know what? I don’t care.

I waited 30+ years to get a bike of my own. I have a limited time on this planet in this lifetime. That means I have a limited time to enjoy this experience. Why would I let a little water come between me and that enjoyment? Life’s too short.

A bike can be ridden in the rain safely as long as you’re careful. But even if it’s not as safe as a car I stand by my previous statements that the universe itself is not safe and to be constantly afraid of it won’t make you any safer. It will just make you more miserable.

I’m not saying you should never be afraid of anything but fear should be at an absolute minimum. To live your life in fear of turning a corner so to speak and having something hurt/kill you is foolish. Something _will_ kill you in the end. Why fear something you can’t change? Being concerned and aware is much more useful and doesn’t get you in nearly as much trouble. ;-)

Did some more organizing at home last night. I’m hoping to get the KVM and other systems set up this coming weekend. Along with the existing G4 system I’ll have: a Sun Ultra 10, an AMD Athlon 700 running Windows XP, a FrankenMac 8600 with a G3 card in it running OS9, and a Vaxstation. I haven’t even touched the 6500/G3 or the Indy that are both still in the shed. I honestly don’t have room to run them yet. (As a side note the Windows XP box is unfortunately necessary - there’s a few things that I can’t find in a Mac version in either form or function.)

We really need to get cracking on buying a house somewhere. I don’t want to move out of McHenry but we need to at least start looking. I’d like to get us to the point where we can pre-qualify for X amount of money so we have a price range that we can try and stick to. The last thing I want to be is one of those everyday Americans who is in so much debt that if they miss one payment they’re screwed. I’d like to try and get a mortgage payment below $1k/month but that might no longer be realistic in the current frame of reference. :-(
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