nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

I hate feeding my truck...

June 5, 2007 10:56 AM

I like my truck - I really do - but it eats a lot of gas. I had to take it today to drop off my daughter this morning and because it’s supposed to rain and after riding in the rain yesterday I want to avoid doing it again without good rain gear.

The rubber pants did their job but I really need a complete rainsuit specifically for riding in the rain. Those aren’t too expensive so I’ll try and get one of those next week.

Going to keep riding the bike as often as I can and not just for the gas savings. It’s part of my spirit really...

I’m so behind on stuff at the house. I’m off tomorrow so I’ll hopefully get stuff cleaned up around there. I should have been doing that instead of messing with my dad’s bike but I can’t in good conscience hold onto his bike and not work on it.

Watched a very short (23 minute) anime yesterday called “Voices of a Distant Star”. It was pretty good despite being as short as it was. And a little melancholy but sometimes stories like that are good. “Perfect Blue” on the other hand was a complete head-fuck. A _very_ strange anime to say the least. I recommend it if you like psycho-thrillers.

Trying to hold back on buying things until I get certain things sorted out. Having the Hakko and work area set up is a boon to me because now I can work on certain back projects. Like yesterday I partially fixed the one spare LCD monitor I had sitting around. It’s got visual problems right now but that’s a different problem then it had when I started which was the CCF inverter circuit was dead. I’ll see if I can’t fix that the rest of the way.

Need to get the one B&W G3 in place as my daughter’s machine - part of the reason why I’m looking at an LCD. She would likely be much better off eyesight-wise with an LCD instead of the CRT she has now. I don’t need to spring for a touch screen any more because she’s figured out the mouse and is quite capable of using it. My only concern with going with the Mac is software but there appears to be quite a bit of learning software for the Mac out there so I don’t think it will be too much of a problem. And if she _needs_ Windows for something then I can either buy her a new Mac and run parallels or make a Windows machine available.

Still not finished with the anime blues song. I just haven’t worked on it because of other things. Maybe I’ll take time today during a work break to see if I can’t knock it out.

The other thing that has happened with me setting up the work area is that I now have a space to work on recording and editing music. I need to get some of the tracks I want to get done recorded. I think I’ve been putting it off because I don’t think people will like my voice. I probably need to take a cue from the way I’m thinking about the bike and say “fuck it”. I really need to care _more_ about people but _less_ about what people think of me. Unfortunately it’s hard to separate the two.

I really need to find a supplemental source of income. Maybe I’ll start entering “captcha“ entries for spammers. *runs from thrown rocks and sticks* I was joking! ;-)

Regardless I need something that brings in a little side money. Even if it’s a slow accumulator it would be some money added to the mix that i could use to equip myself to do certain things. Every little bit helps.

I told a friend yesterday that everybody seems to be looking for the next big _single_ thing that will blow the doors of whatever they’re doing but nobody seems to remember that a lot of little things done instead can add up to something bigger than that ”big“ thing. There’s a lot of opportunity out there and I know there’s got to be something I can do in my spare time to add to the funds in the bank.

There’s so many things in this world that require resources. There’s got to be some way to harness nature to provide those resources without a large overhead. There’s got to be some investment in technology that will allow us to provide things like clean power and clean water without spending a fortune up front or in maintenance. I think it’ll end up being a combination of technologies probably. Not sure what but I can’t help think that a lot of smart people are too busy looking at the wrong thing and not seeing a possible combination here or there.

I just don’t know about this world...
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