nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Sleep, sleep, and more sleep...

June 7, 2007 11:37 AM

That’s what I need as usual. I’m tired from yesterday.

I managed to get my lawn tractor all tuned up and running great! It’s a relief to not have to worry about that immediately. After that I got a bunch of laundry done and cleaned the bathroom.

But those aren’t the reasons I’m tired. For some reason I woke up multiple times last night. I think it was partly the Chinese food for dinner and the fact that I ate dinner later than I usually do.

I’ve got 96 hours of vacation time saved up. I might just take a half-week off and get some stuff taken care of around the house. I’m positive that once certain things get tackled the rest will fall into place. Yeah...that sounds like a good idea. Maybe I’ll do that next week for Father’s Day. Take off on Thursday and have a four-day weekend. That will give me plenty of time to get certain things under control a little better. (I’d have to take a month off to get everything handled and I really can’t afford that time away from work.)

I’ve been thinking about building a central “work table” for the center of the dining room since we really don’t use it. It would be a tall table that you can’t work at sitting unless you use stools. The bottom of it would be composed of bookshelves on two sides and filing cabinets on the ends. The bookshelves would support the table top and the filing cabinets would be able to roll out so I can put other stuff - like a computer - in the center. Oooh! Maybe I can do a plexiglass top on top of 3/4“ plywood that would have a LCD monitor in the center! That and a wireless keyboard would allow anybody to use a system in the center for research or maps or other things. I think that would be damn cool! A Mac Mini with an LCD doesn’t cost that much... ;-)

Need to exercise more. I threw two slightly decaying apples into the back woods from the back deck and I could barely reach the edge of the trees. That’s truly sad. I’m hoping that now that I’m riding the bike I can get back to taking a mile walk when I get home every day. But that goes back to that ”time“ thing I keep having a problem with.

I’ve also been smoking way too many ”mini cigars“ (Captain Black) and should really cut back. I smoked two whole packs of those in three days while I was reading Lemony Snicket. Not a good sign.

(I enjoyed Lemony Snicket BTW - somebody lent me all the books and it didn’t take me long to finish them. A quite enjoyable read.)

Still thinking about taking money out and getting a new Macbook but that’s a lot of cash to plunk down on something even if it will last me for several years. *waffle* *waffle*

There’s still quite a few things I want to buy before we start scrimping but honestly we should be scrimping already. We let our spending get a little ugly last month so this month we should probably put a damper on stuff that doesn’t require money from the credit union account. Since I keep all our receipts except cash ones I gauge how much we’re spending during the month by the number of envelopes used. Last month was a 3 envelope month. I’m trying to get us back down to two but I just started another envelope yesterday and it’s only the first week in the month really. That’s a bad sign.

Need to order the carb kits for my dad’s bike. Since all I have to spend this week in bills is a $7.00 long distance bill I think I can afford to buy the kits for him. But I might just give him the web page and have him order them on his credit card. That might be best in fact because it keeps him in the loop and shows that I’m working on the bike still. In fact I think I’ll fire off an e-mail to him when I get back to the office...
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