nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

The City of Winds...

June 8, 2007 11:12 AM

It blew pretty hard last night and we lost power some time during the night. My iMac was off and the microwave time was reset. (Played a little with me this morning because our housemate’s access point was visible and my iMac connected to it rather than my own thus forcing me to diagnose why I couldn’t see any of my servers this morning.)

There wasn’t a lot of junk in the yard but there were quite a few knocked over trash cans and branches in the streets this morning. I’m mildly surprised we didn’t lose the satellite signal last night but we didn’t. Everything at work was just fine when I got in this morning so I don’t think we lost power there last night. My desktop wasn’t rebooted and that’s not on a UPS.

I hope it is calm a couple of days next week because I’d like to burn all the excess leftover leaves and stuff we have sitting around that needs to be burned. It’ll help get some of the stuff out of the way so I can mow closer to the burn pile and maybe clean it out and put the copper sheet into the bottom of it. Anyway I’m glad I mowed on Wednesday because it would be way too soft to mow this weekend after all that rain.

Dropped my dad an e-mail to order the carb kits for his bike so I can get that done. His front caliper is likely going to have to be rebuilt but I think I can clean it up without a kit initially. Maybe I can just work it enough - have to take the time and bleed it first. Anyway I’d like to get his bike done by the end of next week. We’ll see how that goes though.

Need to get a large external drive for the house. Hopefully I can find a good 250GB or 500GB on sale somewhere. I really want to stay away from Maxtor or Western Digital because those are the only two drives I’ve ever had serious problems with. That means buying a Seagate most likely. No biggie as they have deals on those every so often.

Having problems playing all the downloaded video files on my G4. I don’t know what codecs I have installed on my iMac but they don’t seem to be replicated on the G4 so I’m going to have to go through and do a comparison and maybe install some of the other ones onto the G4 from the iMac. Thankfully the structure of OS X makes it easy to replicate the installed codecs between the two machines even if one if Panther and the other is Tiger.

Still “waffling” on the MacBook/MacBook pro. I really want to spend the money but I’m afraid that if I spend the money I won’t have it available when I need it. I’m saving about $700 per month into the credit union account so if I wait three months, provided I don’t take any money out in that time, I should easily be able to afford a basic MacBook Pro or a fairly beefy MacBook. The problem seems to be that things hit us that require more cash than I want to take out of the checking account in one chunk - thus I request a credit union check for the amount. And thus you see my problem...

Hopefully I can sleep in tomorrow but I think that’s highly unlikely. My wife didn’t get a good nights sleep last night so she’ll want to sleep in and our daughter is almost certainly going to wake up early as she usually does.

I really want to get the bookshelves I need to make the workspace in the dining room but we can’t afford that right now. Maybe next week we’ll have enough to pick up at least the bookshelves if not the two filing cabinets. I can put the LCD into it at a later date but we could really use the book storage as well as the workspace. I’ll have to take time this weekend to price these things so I know what kind of money I need to whip up to make this happen. I think I can get away with about $300 for the whole setup but it depends highly on what the bookshelves cost.

Just had another thought on these - I could make a framework to bind the bookshelves together then put the under-frame style rollers that go on filing cabinets on the bottom of them. That would allow us to roll the table as needed but otherwise have it stay put. Have to make sure that the rollers are the kind that have stoppers/brakes on them or the table will move while it’s being used. I like this idea...
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