nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

And weed and weed and weed...

June 11, 2007 11:14 AM

That’s what I’ll be doing on Thursday and Friday if not sooner. I’ve got to bag all the existing plants that I don’t want damaged then spray to get rid of all that annoying grass. That’s going to take a long time and look pretty silly for a day or so but I think everything will turn out fine. I’ll start by hand weeding around the pond then bag all the plants in the existing flowerbeds.

The back tree-line needs to be sprayed. I think I can just spray all that grass without issue because there are no flowers in anything but the bottom one which has rhubarb in it. I might cut them all down with the trim mower first though so the spray can get at the roots.

I’ll likely pick up the spray Thursday morning because that’s when my check will show up in the bank as it usually goes in on Wednesday night. That way I’ll be sure to have enough money to get what I need to do the job.

I’ll likely pick up more mulch and maybe some pea gravel for around the wellhead. Those aren’t cheap but it needs to be done.

Got a “sight unseen” quote for removing the two Box Elder trees - $1500 each. Not cheap! ;-( I’ll have to get a hold of our landlord/friend to see how he wants to proceed. Our housemate could likely get a cheaper price but he can’t schedule the appointment due to his work schedule.

Lots of stuff to do. The “birdseed” style ant repellent seems to only partly work so I guess I’m buying more of the spray I’ve used the last few years to keep the ants out of the house. My wife says she’s going to put cinnamon in front of the doorways outside. That will help of course but they’re not all coming in through there. The spray seems to be the most effective method to date that I’ve found.

Don’t know when we’re going to get to the garage repairs but that depends on our housemate because he won’t let anybody but him do those. *rolls eyes* (He was complaining yesterday about how much he has to do around the yard but I fully intend to have all of it done before he gets to doing it.)

Still have yet to muck the pond out because it means getting the pump working which means diagnosing that one circuit that pops the GFI in the kitchen when it’s plugged in and moist. Which *sigh* means going head-to-head with housemate because he is absolutely convinced that I know nothing about electric wiring despite having to had to wire computer rooms and home circuits for years now. :-( I think I may just up and replace the one extension cord and see if that fixes the circuit problems the next time it rains.

And to top it all off the plants in the pond have escaped their pots so I’m going to have to re-pot them before putting them back in. It’s a full project. Thankfully I dropped a couple of mosquito dunks in there or we’d be awash in bugs in the back yard.

There’s still a bunch of stuff to burn but it’s been too windy or rainy to get it done. Besides a bunch of the stuff there needs to be broken down before it can be burnt anyway. Maybe I’ll take the sledgehammer to it all to relieve some of my tension...

Dropped the bike on it’s side Saturday. Nothing bad except I bent the clutch lever end which promptly broke off when I tried to unbend it. $21.00 for my stupidity. Teach me to stop in the middle of a low-speed sharp turn. It was one of those annoying slow-motion things where you know the bike is going to drop but you can’t do a damn thing about it except let it fall. Thankfully there’s no other damage. :-/

Hoping to buy my dad a good father’s day present - probably the replacement switch assembly for his bike so that the electric starter works again. That’s about $130 but I think it’s worth it. Likely I’ll order that on Thursday also but it depends on finances.

The electric bill was $205 and I need to write that check the end of this week along with the $165 phone bill. Thankfully those are the only two bills that need to go out. I don’t understand why but my credit with the gas company dropped by $100. That confuses me because from what I can tell we’re using less natural gas than any of the other resources. I suppose I could figure it out if I dig into it but quite honestly I’m overpaying that bill each month anyway so as long as I keep adding to that credit I really don’t care. At least as long as they don’t take a huge chunk out of it or wipe it for some reason. Which I wouldn’t put past a utility company...
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