nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

And the weeds laughed...

June 18, 2007 11:10 AM

Almost literally that is. I sprayed Spectracide on them, after bagging the flowers so they wouldn’t get damaged, and everything but the stupid grass died. The flowers are fine, despite me overheating the top of one bush which I will trim this week, but that damn grass doesn’t appear changed at all. I’ll try and pull some of it up when I get home today. Maybe it just looks like it’s still alive and it’s dead at the roots.

I’ll have to bag and spray more this weekend but I have to be more careful this time. The front garden is kind-of expendable even though I don’t think of it as such so browning the top of one bush there is not too bad a thing. But the back and lower gardens are not things I can make mistakes on. I have to be careful and remember that I can uncover the plants after about 20 minutes instead of leave the bags on until midday. :-(

At least I didn’t actually kill anything - the bush will recover thankfully.

My dad’s switch and air cleaners should be in this week so that will be good. I can get the electric starter working again and maybe even get his bike to run at idle so I can tune it properly. He will hopefully buy the tires and carb kits here pretty soon and I’ll be able to put those on/in. At that point the only gotcha will be the brakes and I still don’t know if bleeding them is what’s needed because I haven’t done that yet.

Tested my blood sugar today and it was okay just before lunch. I realized at that point that I hadn’t tested it since the 12th which is 6 days. Not good. I need to keep track of that. Unfortunately due to finances we had to buy cheap quick-fix food this week. Ramen and burritos among some of the worst things.

*sigh* I guess I’ll have to compensate by getting more exercise. That isn’t a bad thing really but it’s annoying right now because exercise is really the last thing on my mind.

We’re going to have friends stop by this month some time, or maybe next month, to visit the renaissance faire. The one friend didn’t sound thrilled about staying with us so I guess maybe they will stay at a hotel this time. I’m ok with that too. Honestly though I’d love to be in a position to have a place where all my friends could crash.

I’d love to have a large rambling place with lots of space and spare guest rooms and a big property that’s secluded from the rest of the world. But the likelihood of getting some place like that any time soon is pretty slim - especially since I don’t play the lottery at all - but maybe someday...

Really need to re-load my mail server. The old one is getting kind of “gummy” and will likely start to have issues soon if I don’t replace it. Thankfully it shouldn’t be too hard to get one up and running. I think that I will compile the apps from scratch this time just to make sure it all works. It might be worthwhile to use secure IMAP this time instead of POP/SMTP. I’ll have to look into that.

My truck was acting up today on the way to work. Doing that whole “die when I put in the clutch” thing. Don’t know what’s up with that. Thankfully I don’t drive the truck much at the moment - I’m only driving it today because I have to pick up my daughter after work today. She has her annual physical.

They may want to give her a Hep B shot which I will definitely have a problem with because there is tons of evidence that the shot has an effect on Autism. I’m going to fight it tooth and nail which my wife will likely not like but she doesn’t have a choice in this one. If they bring it up then I’m going to immediately ask for an exemption. If they won’t do that, like they did for the 2nd MMR shots, then I’ll be forced to file a religious exemption. If they won’t accept that then my daughter will become home-schooled. My wife should have more than enough knowledge and skills to handle that task and she is almost certainly able to rise to that challenge. If she isn’t then I’ll have to find the money for a tutor. Regardless my daughter is NOT getting that shot.

This all feels very very familiar to me because when my daughter was two I fought this battle about her first round of MMR shots. My daughter was developing just fine and was even talking coherently. Then the school required the MMR shots and I begged and pleaded with my wife not to get the shots. I did everything but stay by my daughter’s side 24/7 to prevent it from happening. But my mother-in-law and others convinced my wife to get the shots. My daughter was never the same after that. She’s only now learning to talk again. She could have been so far ahead of where she is now that it isn’t even funny. But no...I’m a person to be ignored where things that “go against the grain” are concerned. I have a feeling I’m going to be ignored about this one too...

That would be most unfortunate for all concerned. If they force my daughter to get the shots or do them behind my back or something then there will be hell to pay. Especially if they slow my daughter’s progress any further or cause her any more problems. If that happens I will not rest until those responsible are punished....
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