nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,


June 19, 2007 11:09 AM

I checked the mileage on my truck the other day when I filled it up and it’s getting about 16 mpg currently. Which quite bluntly sucks. I’m sure there are plenty of things I can do to tune it up but that might only net me another 2 mpg on a vehicle that I’m currently using intermittently. Though I will likely spend money on repairs for it before winter hits because I obviously can’t ride the bike during winter.

Or I may keep it as it is for now and get a small car for winter. That’s problematic for several reasons. Not the least of which is the fact that I live in the Midwest and that means heavy snow every so often. But between insurance and other things I’m betting it would be less expensive to keep my existing truck. I’m currently not willing to give up the $185/week savings that I’m stashing away by getting a car loan. If we had enough stashed away I might consider it because then I would likely get a newer version of my current truck and be set for quite a while. Unfortunately that means a hefty car payment each month. Though I could easily do that through the credit union it would still mean us not saving anything for a while. I _might_ consider it _after_ I finish paying off the current personal loan but that’s a ways off right now unless I divert a bunch of money to it. (Some quick back-of-the-napkin calculations show me that I could pay the loan off in less than 4 months if I diverted all savings money to it but I’m not sure I want to do that yet.)

Still...4 months is not that long a time. If I can manage to get some of the other stuff under control and get all the misc toys and project parts purchased then I can pay that loan off very quickly. But four months puts me into October before I can purchase a vehicle and not incur a serious penalty to the finances and savings structure. Geeze. This is worse than planning a “David Weber ” style space battle! I have to find dockside parts for the fleet, then there’s refit time, the government treasury, and finally I have to pass all this by The Queen before it’s approved. *chuckle*

Still trying to get all the garden stuff under control. Unfortunately my damn in-laws are once again insisting that I pick up the kid. That leaves me with no time after I get home to get things done. That’s not going to fly.

Besides, I have that feeling that the other shoe is going to drop here. That’s not good. The last time I had this feeling it turned out really really bad. Maybe I should just work to pay off the personal loan so I can get another one in 4 months just in case...

Thinking about buying a desoldering station so I can obtain some of the parts from old equipment. That way all I have to dispose of is the shell and I’ll have parts to experiment with. Need to get rid of the current crop of old test equipment though as that takes up quite a bit of space. Between those and the old Byte magazines from the 80’s there is quite a bit there that can go bye-bye. I don’t want to throw out the Byte magazines but they are library copies with a big “X” in red market across the covers. At least the ones that weren’t my father’s. I’m not sure if it’d be ok to sell those but I might see if Dad wants to list them on E-Bay and split any money. I should maybe see what the few Omni magazines I have are worth too.
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