nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Spray and weed and spray and weed...

June 21, 2007 11:05 AM

Well the weeds did finally turn brown wherever I sprayed but it took a couple days. I must not have sprayed enough. I’ve started pulling a bunch each day so I should be able to get them done in a few days or so if I keep it up. I sprayed the weeds on the South side of the garage but it will take extra time for those to go because there’s not at much sun in that area.

I’m making progress at least. Something I haven’t been able to do until fairly recently. I still have to finish cutting down stuff in the back and hand-weeding back there but that can be done over time as long as I keep it up. Haven’t tilled up that mound of dirt yet but maybe I can get that done this weekend. Probably have to wait until next weekend though due to my daughter’s birthday yesterday.

My daughter is 10 now. 10. That’s kind of staggering to me. I honestly hope she improves at a faster rate so I can start working with her on subjects like computers, science, nature, etc. She’s definitely started an upswing in her language so hopefully decent communication is right behind that. I need decent communication before I can proceed on what I consider to be my part of the whole teaching thing.

It’s the Summer Solstice today. I need to visit my cousin. I’ve been meaning to visit her since last year’s anniversary of her death but haven’t been able to make the time. I think I’m going to try visiting on the Pagan holidays for a lot of different reasons. Regardless I’m going to stop up there after work today.

Still trying to get around to packing and listing all that old test equipment on E-Bay. I’m short boxes among other things. I need to get over and take pictures of the old Travelall so I can list it “parts only” on E-Bay and get rid of it. They recently raised the rent on it so I need to get rid of it before it costs me any more money. Besides, if I get rid of it I can then get a standard storage unit and move some of the stuff that’s in my way into it so I can clean up the rest of it and organize things before bringing the other stuff back in.

Still haven’t dealt with the damn Equifax issue. It’s a lot of paperwork and I just haven’t committed myself to doing it. I basically have to type up all the accounts that aren’t listed on _each_ credit report and then make sure that I have three separate letters to send out. Basically what it is is a reconciliation of three accounts and as most accounting people will tell you that’s not always an easy thing. :-(

Got the _right_ solder in from an E-Bay seller yesterday. The first batch I bought was “water soluble rosin core” which requires cleaning off the boards afterwards. So I checked around and I found 9 spools of the original standard rosin core solder and bought it. Now I’m well stocked for good solder for years provided I don’t want to produce anything RoHs compliant. ;-)

Really need to start collecting small electronic parts again. I used to have a large stock of such things but they all disappeared over the years or I threw them out to save space or something. I’ve still got quite a few that I was going to ship to my friend in Florida but I think I’m going to keep them. There’s just too much I want to build and keeping all those parts, provided they aren’t all bad by now, will save me a bundle on anything I want to construct from scratch.

That reminds me - I really need to finish the ADC->Analog VGA converter project I have so I can put that 17“ ADC monitor on my daughter’s desk. It’s damn clear and will be much better for her to look at - especially if I have it hooked up to the old B&W G3 instead of that old Dell box.

I think when I move that old Dell box out of there I will make it and Asterisk box and turn off the answering machine portion of the cordless phone system. This will do two things. First, it will allow us to receive our voice messages and even faxes while at work via the webmail. Second, it will allow us to use VOIP around the house so we can receive and answer calls any time we’re near our computers. Heck given the right setup I’m betting I could have it auto-VPN into the corporate network and I could do video conferencing from my iMac at home but that would be a little silly and roundabout. ;-)

So my dad is happy about getting all the parts together to get his bike running. I got a shipment notice yesterday on the air cleaners so they should be here some time this week. Still waiting on the switch but that is not a necessity to getting the bike running. He should have ordered the carb kits and tires by now so those should come in sometime next week. After that it’s just putting it all together and adjusting/tuning it all. That won’t be too hard now that I’ve done a little research on it. My bike is more finicky to tune than his it turns out. I’m hoping that he doesn’t need a petcock repair kit but it doesn’t look like it so I’m just going to assume it’s good.
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