nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

It's always something in the details...

June 22, 2007 11:08 AM

Been thinking a lot about the next upgrade for me in the way of Mac and I am seriously looking at an older G4 TiBook for about $450. It can use all the upgrade parts from my current Pismo like the Airport card, ram, and hard drive but there is one thing that might turn out to be an issue. The video isn’t coreimage compatible because it only has 8 meg of vram. That’s problematic because if I upgrade it to Tiger or Leopard I won’t see any speed-up in the display. :-(

I suppose I could go up to a $500+ G4 Aluminum iBook but that puts me within $100 or so of a low-end refurbished MacBook.

I do have the option of going the other direction and upgrading the CPU in this Pismo to a Daystar G4 for about $400+shipping via E-Bay. That would allow me to keep what I’ve got but still put me below the Leopard threshold due to my existing video being incompatible with coreimage. *sigh* Not sure what I want to do here. Maybe I’ll wait a couple of weeks again until the credit union account is back up to $4k so I can allocate money without dropping below $3k. ($3k in the credit union account is my lower limit to keep around in case of emergencies.)

Checked on the price of wireless cards for my daughter’s system and I can get a D-Link PCI card that will work in the B&W G3 for about $30+shipping so I think I’ll buy that next week and swap my daughter’s system out for the G3. (I might still be able to upgrade the thing to a G4 as well. It depends on how well the G4 450 I got online will work in my current G4 Sawtooth.)

Weeded some more yesterday. I’ve got most of the first half of the North garden weeded but I had to stop to get other things done. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to that tomorrow but if not then on Wednesday. I’m working my way back around to the back part because that’s going to be the toughest. Need to look up the model number of the Craftsman weed whacker again and call Sears to get the primer bulb replacement as it’s the last part I need to repair it. It’s behind some stuff in the garage currently so I haven’t gotten back to it yet. :-(

Company photo today. *blech!* I hate being in photographs. I hark back to those old natives that said the camera would “steal their spirit!”. ;-) It doesn’t help that I look like a fat blob on camera either. Worse yet they won’t let me ware my motorcycle helmet damn them! *shakes fist angrily* I have no illusions about myself in certain regards - I’m not handsome. Period. But then it’s not the pretty people in the world that get anything done. Not usually anyway...

I keep saying that I need to do something about my weight but it never seems to come to fruition. *mmmm...fruit...* ;-)

I want to get something set up in the garage so I can work out in there because I can’t seem to do so in the house. I think I will be throwing out some stuff wholesale this weekend. I don’t want to just get rid of some things but I honestly can’t afford the space to keep them. No books though. You can never have too many books!

On the verge of getting the whole KVM thing set up in my office. That means I’ll be able to access at least three other systems under the table from the same monitor and a separate keyboard. Two out of three systems use PS/2 style cables but I’m going to have to find an ADB->PS/2 adapter for the FrankenMac 8600 because if I recall correctly the USB on it won’t do keyboard access on boot. Of course I could always use a USB->PS/2 adapter and then plug in the old Mac keyboard/mouse if I need to re-load the system. But that depends on how well the USB->PS/2 adapter is supported in Mac OS 9 which is what that system will be running.

I also need to get the one JetDirect external box set up for the LaserJet 4ml so that my wife can print again. For some reason her XP Home seems to want to not validate properly with my Panther iMac. Go figure. Anyway once that’s set up I’ll be able to put the damn thing anywhere on the network and not have to worry about it. I think maybe I’ll put it out in the room next to my daughter’s computer and get myself another one specifically for use with my iMac. They weren’t too expensive and they can be found online. I might want to get a Postscript version of the same thing but those tend to cost quite a bit more...
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