nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

A different type of green...

July 6, 2007 11:23 AM

I ran out of ink in my fountain pen yesterday so I had to run to Hobby Lobby today and get a bottle of ink because I forgot to refill it last night. No biggie but it’s a slightly lighter and more opaque shade that the Levenger bottle I use normally.

Levenger ink is a little pricey but the paper journal for me is where I put all the stuff I can’t or don’t want to post here. In those pages I’m unrestricted whereas here I have to restrain from talking about certain subjects like work or some very personal stuff. It’s good to have certain things separate.

Getting a lot of stuff done around the house. We’re going to be switching our housemate to another room where he has windows he can open. This should alleviate some of the heat problems he’s been having. He’ll have to deal with people walking in and out of his room to do laundry but that’s life. I think it’ll work out better than the current arrangement.

Need to pick up a few more things to do desoldering with so I can start collecting all those parts and I don’t have to spend so much to experiment with my own circuits or kits or anything. The money spent up front now will save me quite a bit in the long run in parts because I’ll be able to just take them out of other things. And believe me that there’s a lot of parts that can be recycled.

I’m so behind on stuff. I need to go over and take pictures of the International, clean out and discard a bunch of things in the garage. It occurs to me that if I can’t sell the items on E-Bay there are quite a few that I can take down to the component level and re-use the components. I really don’t want to do that to the old test equipment but if nobody buys it then I’ll just have to discard it. Better to recycle the components if that happens.

Designed a nice worktable for my daughter last night. It’ll cost me about $132 when I’m finished with it but it’ll have a couple of good bookshelves under it, have locking wheels, and have a masonite top. That way it’ll be easy to clean and easy to move out of the way of we need to do so.

I just thought of something else too. I could use piano hinge on top of one side of the bookshelves and a latch of some sort on the other side so if we want to we can tilt the top completely vertical and move the whole thing out of the way so it won’t take up so much space. Not a bad idea. In fact I could even go one further and put a smaller top that exactly fits the top of the bookshelves and cover it with the larger top. That way the work area is still useful when the top is up just a little smaller. I’ll have to draw up an alternate design tonight.

Still overspending a bit so while I am going to build the basics of her table this weekend I will likely not spend much more money until we both get paid next week. We need to curb our spendish ways. ;-)

There are still quite a few things on my Amazon wish list and E-Bay watch list that I want but I don’t think I’m going to get a lot of them any time soon...
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