nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,


July 9, 2007 11:12 AM

We’re cleaning stuff up around the house this week and we’re moving our living room upstairs so I’m going to have to shuffle my books around. Tonight the plan will likely include:

Moving my boxes of books into another area - probably the bottom of the cubby area of my office.
Moving any other totes into temporary areas or emptying them. I will likely put the one with the giant stuffed toy snake out on the curb. (*insert wife cheering here*)
Cleaning out and organizing the remaining papers.
Finding a spot for the rolling chairs.
Storing my wife’s Casio keyboard.
Cleaning up the area.

Tomorrow will likely include:

Finding a spot for the fish tank and moving it there.
Putting my daughter’s computer on the floor next to the desk and her keyboard into the keyboard tray.
Folding up and storing the table that had all the disorganized papers on it.
Culling all my books from the bookshelves and emptying the one shelf to the left of the kitchen for DVD/VHS storage.
Putting the treadmill on the curb with a free sign.
Putting the futon on the curb with a free sign. (Or maybe send it to my wife’s autism center if applicable.)
Cull clothes downstairs and move remaining clothes upstairs. (Or move clothes upstairs and cull later.)

Wednesday’s plan is:

Move the couch upstairs. (After people get home to help me move it.)
Move the chairs upstairs.
Move the TV upstairs.
Move the stereo into the bedroom.
Wire the TV and surround sound system.


Empty and relocate all the small bookshelves.
Re-organize the computer rack to fit the E450 on the bottom of it. (Need to buy 2 rack shelves.)
Empty the small corner built-ins downstairs.
Move the remaining tall shelf upstairs.
Clean downstairs.


Help our housemate expand into the other room.

I don’t mind losing the extra space because we really need to be better organized and he’s really cramped down there. Besides, this will solve some of our problems with the large amount of clothes we never get organized. By removing the space we have to drop them after doing laundry it’ll force us to bring them upstairs and store them properly after we wash and dry them. (I’m just as bad as the rest at dumping them on the downstairs couch after they come out of the dryer.) It’ll also get us to get rid of clothes that don’t fit because let’s face it - we’re not as thin as we used to be and I think I can safely say that if I ever reach a 34 waste again I will buy new pants. :-/

Change is good sometimes. It can shake things up and they can end up for the better. Too much shaking though and things never settle...
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