nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Out with the with the new...

July 10, 2007 11:11 AM

I got rid of a bunch of my daughter’s toys downstairs last night. She did still play with them if she saw them but she honestly didn’t do so on a regular basis. And we’re cleaning so best to be rid of them. I don’t think she’ll make a fuss but we’ll see.

She’s going to have a bigger confusion when she’s unable to play downstairs at all. No biggie but she’ll be confused for a while.

Finished up most of the first part of the plan last night. My wife and I were pretty tired so we’ll finish up with the papers tonight and tomorrow I’l start on the next part of the plan as soon as my wife tells me where to put the furniture. Hopefully she’ll make a decision on that tonight. Still have no idea where I’m going to put the small bookshelves but we’ll find a place. Since they’re not too deep I might put one of them in my daughter’s room. (She’s like her parents and collects books.)

Hey! There’s an idea! I can put the two empty ones - or almost empty ones - in the kitchen somewhere. That way she’ll have even more space to store her cookbooks! Have to pitch that idea to her tonight.

Regardless I’m going to have to put up another shelf in my room to store more of my books. I’ll probably put a hook behind the door for my one guitar. Not sure where I’m going to put the Gibson because it’s a thicker hollow-body electric but I’ll find someplace for it.

Need to get to scanning stuff because I have a lot a loose paper that I can just box after I scan it for reference. I’ll probably have to spend for that 500 GB hard drive soon but I’d need to do that anyway. I’ll probably buy the same kind that our housemate bought. I may decide to just use the one Cobalt Qube 2700 that I have lying around because it’ll use about the same amount of energy and generate the same amount of heat. I just don’t think I can put a 500 GB drive in it without a problem. Maybe I should experiment with one of the Cobalt RAQ boxes I have. NetBSD will run Samba and AFS properly so that would make a good solution if I can just rack mount the 500 GB system along with all the others.

That reminds me - I need to go out and buy the shelves for my rack or order them online or something. The ones I bought for work seem pretty sturdy so maybe I’ll just get a couple of those through work and be done with it. The accounting lady at work doesn’t like me to do that but it would certainly solve my issues without taking a drive down to Fry’s and spending for the gas.

It’ll all work out despite what people have said in the past. It’s just going to take time...
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