nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Plan A finalized...

July 12, 2007 11:20 AM

My wife, myself, and our housemate came up with an initial floor-plan for organizing the living room upstairs. It seems to satisfy all our needs for the moment and no books get thrown out. (Much to the consternation of our housemate who thinks that you should get rid of a book when you read it and don’t like it. Just because you don’t like a book doesn’t mean you just toss it aside. Those are the books you lend to other people to see if they like them. If they like them then you tell them to just keep them.) Besides, I’m of the “can’t have too many books” contingent of society. Again, if you’ve seen the anime Read Or Die you’ll know how much my wife and I love books. ;-)

Need to look at the front right brake on my bike. It’s dragging a little and I think the lubrication dried up on the slide bolt again. It was like that when I got the bike and I cleaned it up and lubricated it enough to fix it but obviously it needs some more attention.

The deck wasn’t tacky yesterday evening so I should be able to put the furniture back on it tonight if I’ve got time after moving things around inside.

The treadmill went out on the street yesterday and was gone this morning so that’s pretty cool. Now if they would only take the monitors and scanner and stuffed snake. At the very least I’ll drop those off at the Salvation Army and make them disappear; at the very worst I’ll pay to have the monitors recycled *ugh!* and trash the snake.

All work on my personal projects has been halted for the moment. I’ve got to get stuff organized some more around the house before I can start on them again. Turns out that moving all the bookshelves upstairs is a good thing because it will give me some space to move some of my books out of my office and have more space in there. It will also organize my wife’s books much better which is a good thing. Maybe we can get all the books sorted out when they’re all on the same level. Technical/art books in my office only, SciFi/Fantasy elsewhere, Autism in the main room, my wife’s romance novels in the bedroom. That would be nice but that will come later after we’ve got it all moved upstairs.

Going to be really fighting the clothes problem here soon. Once I move all the stuff upstairs then all the clean clothes will need to be in the bedrooms and thus have to be organized. Either that or they will overwhelm us and kill us while we sleep. *looks warily at the clothes piles*

Still not testing my blood sugar right now. Going to start back up in August. So far though I’ve been able to have a feel for when my sugar is up and when it’s down. With what I learned and paid attention to while testing I am now able to have a 75 - 85% accuracy in telling if my sugar is elevated. I wanted to do this so that if I was without my testing supplies for some reason I would be able to manage things effectively. This period of non-testing has given me that ability so I will conclude this “test” at the end of this month and start using the meter again in August. I don’t personally like the costs associated with that but since the testing strips can last up to a year or more I can stock up on them when I have the cash to do so. Same for the small journals that I’m using to record my readings. it’ll all work out.

Supposedly my cousin’s headstone will be put in later this year. It’s been so long that I’m highly skeptical of the situation. They said that she had money set aside for a $10k headstone so if I check into it and it’s less than that I will raise all sorts of hell with my relatives. This has gone on far too long. In October of this year it will be two years since her death. Two...Years... I don’t think there are many sane people on this planet that would find it acceptable for a dead relative to be without a headstone for even half that time...
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