nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,


July 16, 2007 11:17 AM

So I was at the “immediate care center” until 1 a.m. on Saturday night/Sunday morning because I was having trouble breathing. That was just wonderful.

Turns out that as was the case with my previous bout of stubbornness when I burnt my lungs about a year or so ago my lungs remain a little sensitive to things still. The diesel exhaust I sucked in on Thursday caused an infection in my lungs which is currently working it’s way out. I’m on an antibiotic and have an Advair inhaler if I need it. Thankfully I haven’t needed it more than a couple times because I hate using those things. You become dependent on them and then you’re stuck. And I refuse to be stuck in that manner.

Getting things organized at home. My wife surprised me by moving my daughter’s desk. I was actually pretty happy about that and very surprised. I’m happy about that for several reasons. One - like myself she needs the exercise. Two - she needs to be able to function if I’m not available. Three - she needs to tap that inner strength that I know she has but she is afraid to use. It’s a scary step depending on yourself and no one else. I don’t blame her for taking a long time to get moving in that direction. My problem is that if my family history is any indication I will almost certainly pass on before she does. That being the case I need to make sure she can handle everything without having to depend on anybody that might latch onto her and try and steer her life in a direction she doesn’t want to go.

Ordered new tail lights for my bike. I found a tail/brake light combo for a Yamaha R6 on E-Bay for not too much money. They are LED and are DOT approved. And they only take up space directly behind the seat which leaves me with more space to work with things.

I measured my notebook today and if I want saddlebag “pods” like I’m thinking about they have to be at least 13“ in diameter if I want them to be able to hold my notebook. Honestly that doesn’t sound too big because many of the bags I’ve seen are a little larger than that. Mine will hopefully look a little different than usual that’s all... ;-)

Also probably going to remove the rear fender on the bike once the tail lights come in. I’ll probably lose the under-seat storage box but I’m not storing much in that anyway. I might decide to put a small cover on the safety-chain storage and lose the safety chain. I’ve never used it anyway. Not sure if I’m ever going to have my bike somewhere that I’ll need to chain it up. Jury’s still out on that one. Regardless I can stand to lose it for the moment and won’t miss it when I finish the saddlebags.

Need to bug my dad to find out if he ordered those parts yet or not. I want to get his bike done this year so at the very least he can ride it next year. Hopefully he ordered the parts and they came in but he just hasn’t gotten them to me yet. I need to start digging into the bike anyway to remove the airbox and replace it with the individual filters.

Need to look into what’s required to run the one cable up the side of the wall into the upstairs living room for the DirectTV receiver. Even if our housemate says he’s going to do it I want to know the specifics so I can service it if needed. And we’re ready to move the TV and equipment upstairs anyway. A few small things yet but we’ll take care of those easily enough. I think I’ll look for something similar to a desk hutch that will go on the table and straddle the TV and store the receivers and some of the DVDs. There’s got to be something out there like that. If not it shouldn’t be too hard to make something like that.

My wife started taking the DVDs off the shelves the other day and that’s fine but it probably could have waited until we moved the larger stuff upstairs and got the shelving situation all sorted out. I suppose I’ll sort all that out this Wednesday when I’m off. The only big thing that’s going to be problematic is all the clean clothes that are down there that need to be cleaned out and brought upstairs before we bring the couch upstairs. I suppose I could pile them on the futon and make them the last thing brought up since I told our housemate he was inheriting the futon but I really would like them handled. Maybe while I move some of the heavy stuff I can bring the clothes up for my wife to put them away. I think that would work out but we’ll see. Hopefully I can get most of the big stuff straightened out Wednesday and then the rest of the stuff is minor.
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