nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,


July 17, 2007 11:12 AM

By that I mean the state of the house at the moment. We’re re-organizing to allow our housemate to take over the entire basement. Thus we shuffled all sorts of stuff into different areas so that if you were to walk in today the house would look like a shambles. Not a big deal. I should have all of it sorted out by the end of the week. I’m going to be moving the TV and getting rid of the old office chairs tomorrow. (I don’t think it will take long for a complete set of four to be picked up once I put them out on the street.) I’m also going to be swapping the small and large bookshelves around so that things can get organized without too much trouble.

I think the tail-light for my bike shipped yesterday so when that comes in I should be able to do the custom work on the rear of my bike and get rid of the rear fender and side turn signals. I should probably buy an inexpensive cordless soldering iron so I can do quick work on it without having a cord in the way. Not a butane one though as those are too slow to heat up or cool down. I’d love the 8 hour rechargeable one I have at work but that’s expensive so I’ll probably go with a simple $20 one that uses AA batteries for now.

I don’t know yet if I’m going to have to leave the large balancing resistors in the turn signal circuit or not - likely yes - but it would be cool if I could take them out.

Still not feeling quite up to snuff yet. I hate having a lung infection because it means that I cough up the junk in my lungs! :-( I should be done with this in about a week. Hopefully I can start riding the bike again this weekend. It’s expensive to drive the truck and I like being able to keep a tighter schedule due to start/return times.

I sooo want pie right now...

Need to reconfigure one of the re-flashed Fonera units for my mother so she can have a wireless setup in her house when I go up there. She said that my brother-in-law threw the wireless Linksys into her stuff for her when she moved but I can’t count on that working properly. And she said she might not know where the power supply for it is anyway. I will have to make sure I remember to bring my remaining cable, connectors, and crimper so I can make a custom cable if needed. Shouldn’t be a difficult installation as her system already has Windows 98SE on it and a wireless card in it. All I need to do is pre-configure the Fonera and test it before we leave so I’m sure it’s going to be basically plug-and-go when we get there.

Didn’t sleep well last night. Took a long time for me to get to sleep and then I was sore when I got up this morning. Specifically the back of my neck was sore. Not sure what caused that but it went away later this morning so I probably just slept on it wrong.

No grass yet in the front patch. I’ve been watering it on days that it hasn’t been raining but still no grass. *sigh* Oh well. At least I’m remembering to water the tree every day. It’s been rainy the last two days so I didn’t water it but it will probably have dried out enough that I can water it again today. Too many things still to do out there in the yard. We haven’t burned yet because it’s been too windy or too rainy. I might just rent a chipper/shredder and put all the resulting mulch along the back fenceline. That shouldn’t be too expensive and can be done on a day when it’s too windy to burn.


Aww...crap. I forgot to schedule an appointment for someone to give me an estimate on removing those trees out front. Maybe I can find someone and call them this afternoon. If not it’ll have to wait for a couple weeks because we’re planning on going up to my mother’s on the weekend of the 28th and that means I can’t take Wednesday off as usual.

That’s going to be a long trip for our daughter in the van...
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