nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Bricks with a glow...

July 23, 2007 11:09 AM

I was perusing and ran across an interesting little project where someone cast LEDs into a multi-layer resin “brick” and arranged them into a star constellation. The result is spectacular! If I find the link I’ll post it later. (I’m on an extremely slow connection and Instructables has a lot of pictures so I can’t just go get it right now.)

( July 23, 2007 1:49 PM )

Anyway I figured out that you could use the same technique with small clear pieces of acrylic rod that have everything but the top end painted with europium based paint which glows for 12 hours after being “charged” by sunlight/UV light.

That means you could make a resin brick outside that has a wonderful texture but shows words, symbols, stars, etc. when the sun goes down. I bet if you used a light tan color speckled with white spots you’d be able to hide the glowing spots among others. Heck you could even paint only certain rods but leave unpainted ones in there so they all look identical until the sun goes down. That would be pretty cool.

Still not finished moving things yet but that should be done this week or so. There’s some things at work that could potentially occupy my time greatly but those are currently an unknown at the moment. I hope they don’t prevent me from handling things at home.

Pretty tired. I was out having dinner with friends last night until late so I didn’t get a lot of sleep. Makes me cranky. Need to stop doing that.

Finished the last Harry Potter book. Wasn’t too bad but I won’t go into details. Finished it in about 5 or 6 hours total. Which of course boggles people because most of them don’t read that fast. *shrug*

After we finish all the moving of stuff upstairs and clean all that out I need to really get cracking on the stuff in the garage. I’m way behind on getting all that stuff photographed, boxed, weighed, and listed on E-Bay. I don’t expect it to sell for much if it sells at all but at least I’ll hopefully be able to get some money for it. That would give me some toy money and allow me to get some of my toys without having to spend money we use for daily expenses and bills.

Once all the stuff is moved out of there I’ll be able to store certain things in that corner so they’re out of the way. I don’t want to get rid of my grandmother’s couch but I might do so. (I also don’t want to say that too loudly either as our housemate will likely get on my case about it once he finds out I’m thinking about it. Just like he’s spent a significant amount of time hammering us about how much stuff we have. :-( I’m about to tell him off on that subject...)

Finally got my fountain pen cleaned out so it writes properly again. And it’s got the proper ink in it now. I missed taking the time to write in a paper journal so I started making the effort to do it again at least once a week. We’ll see how that goes but I’d like to keep it about that level for the time being.

Thought about other craft things i can work on. I have a number of wood carving tools so I could in theory do the one box design I have in mind but that’s likely going to take some setup time and, like many such projects, requires me to organize my stuff in the garage. Which is on my list...
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