nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

So now Illinois is California?

July 24, 2007 11:17 AM

Unless it is repealed our lovely governor has signed into a law something that says nobody can smoke inside a public building or within 15 feet of one. This can only lead to trouble...

I don’t smoke much but I smoke cigars and pipes. So now the only place I can effectively smoke is at home inside my house.

You think I’m exaggerating? I’m not. What’s going to happen with this is that all the “yuppie soccer moms” are going to jump on anyone with a smoking object in their hand regardless of if it’s on their property or not. That means that if I’m smoking on the back deck and somebody sees me they can claim that because they saw me there is no expectation of privacy and my back deck becomes a public place and thus subject to their rule.

I have no problem not giving people second-hand smoke. None at all. I’m courteous enough to refrain from smoking in people’s presence if they have a problem with it. What I have a problem is being _forced_ to do what I consider it polite to do anyway.

This is all a slippery slope of lost rights. We’ve become such a large group of “professionally offended” people that we will legislate any of our freedoms out of existence for the sake of others. I miss the strong and rugged people we used to be.

The sad part is that this is what will destroy us. We’ll become “too civilized” and the big bad universe will kill us because of it. Period. Civilization is fine but over-civilization is too far.

The universe doesn’t have a No Smoking section people and anyone who thinks it does is a fool at best and a danger to others at worst.

We’ll become weaker and weaker as time goes on. My only hope is that I can make sure that my child and my family are one of the strong ones left. Of course as time goes on people like me and my family will eventually become “undesirables” and be forced to either adapt or leave. And believe me I will leave once we’re able to. Leave this entire rock if I can.

That’s another factor on top of this. Only the strong are going to leave the planet or push to be able to leave the planet. That means that if the strong do not stand up now and push we will be stuck here and stagnate until we either kill ourselves, waste away, or a rock strikes us from space.

Allowing the weak and “offended” to force us to give up our freedoms will kill us as a species. Kill us without a second thought.

You hear that all you “professionally offended” people? If we follow your path then all those “civilized” things that you cherish will be gone eventually. And what will that gain you? You’re selling our future for your comfort today. Be less comfortable and more productive and things will work out better.

And you know what started this? The same thing that causes us all trouble civilized or not - a few assholes. because of a few assholes our freedoms are being restricted. I know very few smokers that aren’t polite enough to stand away from people entirely when smoking but because a few assholes wouldn’t be polite we have to have a law.

Y’know something else? Those assholes are not strong people either. They are assholes because they can’t be strong. The have to hide behind a mask of being an asshole so nobody sees they have no armor so to speak. (I’m not talking about the people with Asperger’s - of which I am one - or similar conditions but the people that are assholes just for the sake of being assholes.) I don’t think there’s a person reading this that doesn’t know of one local to them. The do get around.

The strong people are the ones that silently work in the background getting things done but stand up and fight when it’s necessary to do so. The strong ones are the people that will give their heart without strings to a cause and do not expect the same from others. The strong ones are the quiet ugly people that run everything behind the scenes and do the little things , and sometimes the big things, that make things work in this world. That unassuming clerk you sneer at in your office? The one that says nothing but does his job and makes sure your mail reaches your desk every day without fail? He’s stronger than you because he has to take that sneer every day. The girl doing phone support for a company is another one. She has to listen day in and day out to people doing almost nothing but verbally abusing her over the phone. Yet she still does it every day.

Hmm...I don’t want to use over-done cliche quotes but “If there is hope it lies with the proles.”

The pretty and vain and rich people aren’t going to push anything but down because to do so would upset their little world.

The professionally offended are not going to do anything but try and steamroller people into being just like them. And being “strong” is “different” and therefore bad.

The only ones who have a hope in hell of fixing these problems are the truly strong. They care what people think but don’t let it get in their way. They work not to offend people but ignore the professionally offended. They dream of the stars and a garden on another world while most people dream of a garden in their window. And I think that, in the end, is the big difference. They dream while others do not. Then they make their dreams reality.

Do I count myself among the strong? Not quite yet. I can’t quite make my dreams reality yet. But that’s only a matter of time. And time is something that is very precious to me because it’s the one thing I have an unalterable and limited supply of.

And it’s running
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