nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Rain, work, and a long drive...

July 26, 2007 11:10 AM

It was raining heavily this morning so I had to take the truck. Which means that I had to fill it with gas, which means that along with the precision screwdrivers I bought on E-Bay today I’ve spent $100 or so today alone. Fie!

Taking the day of tomorrow so I can do household stuff and pack before we leave to drive 5 hours to visit my mother this weekend. Not sure how my daughter is going to take that. Hope fully she’ll be occupied and not be too much trouble but if she is I will totally understand. He patience for unpleasant things is worse than mine and I’m pretty impatient sometimes.

Need to bring one of the re-written Fonera units I bought off of E-Bay with so that I can set it up on her DSL that she got. That’s if she can’t find the power brick for the wireless router that my brother-in-law gave her when she moved out. If I forget to bring one or it won’t work for her then we’ll only be an hour away from Minneapolis so we can go there and pick up one if there isn’t a local source. There are plenty of solutions. Have to remember to lock it down by MAC address too...

My mother doesn’t want the metal office chairs that we’ve been using around the house so I’m going to get rid of them as a set. I don’t think it will take long for them to go once I’ve put them on the street. That means I and my daughter get new desk chairs. (Yay!) I need something that is better on my back anyway. Anyway I need to pick up some clear bags so I can set the chairs out tomorrow and not have them ruined by the rain.

I’ll need to mow the lawn either today when I get home or tomorrow during the day but if it’s raining I won’t be able to do that. It’s long enough that I’m going to have to run the sweeper anyway so it can probably wait until Monday since everyone in the house will be gone.

Lots of things to do before we go. Set up the cat feeder, drop in the fish feeding tablets, dishes, laundry, yada...

The pen and ink for writing in the journal to my daughter came in yesterday. Man Rotring makes some nice pens! This one is a standard fountain pen with atmospheric compensation in it and writes like a dream. The ink I chose was Skies of Blue from Levenger and is lighter than cobalt but darker than teal or light blue. Exactly the color I was looking for.

I’ll probably order one of the larger moving box kits off of the Costco website to box up all that equipment I have to put on E-Bay. I’m way behind doing that and I need to just get it done. It’ll be about $45 for the boxes. (!$$$!) But those should be the exact right size I need for most of the stuff I need to ship with the exception of the TV which will require an actual crate and spray foam. Still haven’t asked my general manager if I can ship that one from work or not. It would simplify matters greatly but I’ll understand if he says no.

I’d like to get to the point where I can get working on things in the garage but that’s a long way off right now. That means either storing or getting rid of a lot of stuff. Both of which I need to do but not in that quantity imho. *sigh* I will likely get rid of my grandmother’s couch despite the memories it has for me. I don’t _want_ to do that but I see no alternative. A fact that our housemate will be more than willing to ram down my throat. :-(

I’d love to move the overhead that’s in the garage into the house but the only place I have to put that is on my daughter’s desk and then it would obscure part of the window and I don’t want to do that. Maybe I’ll measure it and see how much space it will actually take up. If it’s not _too_ bad then I may choose to obscure part of the window to get the item out of the garage and give my daughter more storage over her desk along with some task lighting. Maybe I’ll measure that today...
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