nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Something to be said for small towns...

July 30, 2007 11:16 AM

We visited my mother this weekend and it wasn’t too bad. She moved to upper Wisconsin and bought a simple trailer up there. I gave her a little guff about it at first - jokingly of course - but financially it makes a lot of sense for her.

It’s interesting because the town she lives in has about 3000 people give or take and while it does have a very small town feel in some ways it also has some technology. For instance I set up her DSL while I was there after buying a Belkin wireless router from a Super WalMart nearby. So there is some civilization up there and property is fairly cheap up there. (Not the place I want to move to though - sorry mom!)

Regardless it was pretty interesting despite her insane hypercat. (And I don’t use the term hypercat loosely either - the damn thing walked all over us while we were trying to sleep!) He’s young yet though so he may slow down over the years.

The point I guess is that my mom’s doing ok up there.

As to where I want to move...I’m leaning in the direction of Montana. Someplace that has road access but has a stone foothill or something that I can carve my way back into over time. It would take me a long time but I would really like to put up a house backed up to a mountain and just keep carving my way back into the mountain making large rooms and long skylights. Yes, I’m weird. I want my “dwarven halls of stone” surrounded by a forest.

Speaking of stones I found something interesting while I was up there. For years I’ve had a couple of ideas for a craft project but I didn’t have one piece - a large glass gem. I found a place up there that had them in their craft surplus. They are about 4 inches in diameter and solid cast glass. They aren’t ships prisms either which have a different shape - these are cut like large gemstones. Unfortunately they were $10 each so I only got two of them.

I once went into a Service Merchandise and saw these at the jewelry counter and was inspired to do the project - which I won’t name here because I want to finish it first - and asked them how much they cost. The counter-thing said she’d have to ask her manager. She came back and said that it would cost them about $100 to get me one. ?!?! WTF? $100 for a large piece of cast/cut glass. To me that’s insane. Anyway I’ve now gotten the last laugh because these are the exact same items but for $10 years later. Patience pays off I guess...
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