nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

New MacBook soon to be purchased...

July 31, 2007 11:21 AM

Finally got enough money from different sources that I’m going to be able to replace my old Pismo. She’s been a faithful creature but she’s getting a bit long in the tooth and I need one that’s going to last me another 5 years or more and the MacBook should do that nicely.

I will likely either give the Pismo to my mother-in-law or donate it to my wife’s Autism Center so that someone there can use it for web surfing and document writing. She should be good for that and it’ll be lighter duty than she’s serving now. And likely without all the transportation and vibration and heat she’ll be just fine. Either place will be a good home for her.

Need to get another small shelving unit and some clothe baskets today when I get home. Today I’ll be moving all the remaining movies and magazines upstairs as well as all the clothes. After that all that should remain for me is the couch and futon. The futon I can move by myself but the couch I will have to have someone help me with because it has to go out the window, around the outside of the house, and back in via the back door. Which also means moving the kitchen table as well but that shouldn’t be too hard. I’ll set the four office chairs out tomorrow as well and pick up two replacements.

I figure I should be able to get everything but the E450 and the couch out of that room tomorrow. Our housemate will likely complain about the E450 remaining there but he can lump it momentarily because I don’t have the ability to put it in the rack yet. If I have time I’ll try and get it racked but that means emptying my entire rack and downing all my servers to do that so it may not happen. I’ll probably try and get it done anyway to make it a clean sweep but it’s going to be tight.

Need to spray in the backyard again. The weeds I cut down last time have grown back again enough so they have leaves to absorb the Spectracide this time so the stuff should go away this time rather than just diminish a little. If I’ve got the time and money this weekend I need to pick up the 30 year landscape fabric and some mulch so I can get that section of yard against the North fence done. That’s actually a much smaller space than the lower part of the yard so it should take much less time to complete. And since I already separated out the weeds once and know where the plants are now cutting the fabric to the right shapes should also be easy.

Once I’m done with that I will likely continue moving those small rocks down near the one area into the “pen” that I created for them so they are out of the way. I’ll probably also do the cereal box edging trick that the lady of the house showed me how to do around the edge of the garden.

As always there are a lot of things to do. I just hope I can get them all done or I can get help from other people to get them done...
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